How to use Kodi


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Your reply to a participant who was having trouble stopping a movie on Kodi…”basic Kodi 101”. Just a friendly observation from another one here who is not savvy in all things discussed here. Not trying to pick a fight just letting you know some of us here are not up on all the lingo. :wink:

Yeah I wouldn’t have said that BUT he said he was a KODI user for 5 years and didn’t understand the basic KODI in play menu. That is something you learn in days or weeks - and 5 years later he still doesn’t get it? Sorry I’m sticking with my comments and if it offended you well that’s something you need to deal with

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Like users said below, you have to hit STOP, not PAUSE if you want to go back to chose another stream. Further more, if you want to change the language, you have to keep going to the right on the bottom menu and hit settings button(the last option way to the right) which will allow you to chose another language. It’s really not a rocket science, you just have to play with different buttons to see what do they offer. If you hit BACK button by accident instead of PAUSE or STOP, just keep hitting BACK 4-5 times until you back to the stream. You will have to restart the addon after that.