How to connect to Real Debrid in CREW

I used Kodi SEVERAL years ago. Because Cinema is no longer working, I thought I would give it a go again. I decided to install CREW. I was able to install okay, however, I cannot find where I can sign in to Real Debrid. I have looked in accounts, etc. with no luck. BTW no problem signing into Trakt. Can someone please help. I am a little frustrated with trying to figure this all out again. As well, if there is a different Kodi add-on that is better than CREW, please let me know. Much appreciated!


Kodi mega guide.

Go to best addons and follow troy point instructions.


I have now watched the extensive video on how to install CREW, however, it still does not show me how to sign in to real debrid. Could you please tell me only how to sign in the real debrid in CREW. Again, I really appreciate your help. Thanks very much.

9.30 minutes into the vid starts the Real Debrid setup for The Crew.

I have The Crew installed and configured with RD. I did this by going into ResolveURL settings and authorised RD from there.

I find The Crew to be slow and not the best at pulling in top quality links. I am currently using Insomnia and find that this is the best Kodi add-on at the moment. Give it a try.

Thanks very much. I will give it a go. :blush:

Thanks for you help. I really appreciate it. I was abe to sign in to Real Debrid.


U R welcome. Took me a while to find this out for myself


Yes as jokerman mentioned. The Best way to Authorize RD is trough ResolveURL.

This way will work on almost all Kodi Add-ons you have to installed ons, and will authorize RD on all add-ons automatically, the one installed and the future one.