How can I install real debrid on diggz xeon build?

I just installed Kodi build Diggz Xeon and can not find in any guides how to install real debrid

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Kodi mega guide.

Similer or same to how you do it on the crew or seren. Same setup

Xenon is easy.
Go to the Debrid Zone tab
Click on -Logins-
Start at the top. ResolverURL Login. Put in the code.
Go to install selections and install what you want
Assuming you installed the addons go to Fen + Venom Login. Put in the code.
Kaito Login
Seren Login
After all the preferred codes are put in I close it and restart.


Thanks for the info I will check it out. Does that turn on real debrid for all add ons inside the diggz build?


The ResolverURL Login turns on all the addons except for Seren, Fen, and Venom.


Thank-you, you made that easy, I have been searching for Troy videos and checking all menus on Xeon and could not find any info. I am kind of new to this but I can follow instructions.