Get rid of Stremio paid links

Thanks to @Miki for introducing me to Stremio. I have set it to along with RD on my Nvidia Shield Pro.


  • I have it linked to RD, Trakt and Torrentio. It shows paid link files (Apple, Amazon etc) prior to the RD links. Anyway to have the RD links show up? Would prefer if I could get rid of the paid links all together.

  • no option for grid view? Is it possible to side load the mobile version to nvidia shield and possibly that version has grid view?



You need to go into the addons section and uninstall watchhub.

Go to stremio website via downloader and get mobile version.


If you do go with a mobile version, you may [?] need to download the “Set Orientation” app.

How to Install Set Orientation on Firestick and Fire TV (


This is directly from the dev:
we are not planning on implementing a grid view for the android tv app at this point in time, for grid views you can still install the mobile app on android tv for now.

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Any suggestions on how to get the mobile version installed on my nvidia shield pro sir?

you shouldn’t need to figure out what version you need.

Go there on your shield and then scroll down and it will highlight the exact version you need. Stremio only needs to be configured on one device and then installed on anything else and simply log in and your setup is applied without further input from you.
Also once you have it installed you can add adons from the following site, just use this link on the device that has Stremio installed on it.

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Use downloader app. Type into search bar. Go to downloads page and download mobile version.

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Actually not a good idea imho. Going to the link I provided allows you to install the exact right version for your device, as long as you use the link on the device you’re going to use it on. It auto scans and highlights the proper version and labels it as "recommended ". This eliminates the need to know things like 32 v 64 etc.
Just tap on the blue lettering and that’s the link directly to Downloads.

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I wanted to try downloading the mobile version to my nvidia shield pro to allow for grid view.

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You can try it. But from what I’ve read there are issues doing it this way. But nothing ventured nothing gained.
Let us know how you make out.

Hey, think it works out the same. Once ya on the stremio site it recommends what version ya need.

Perfect. So is it recommending android mobile 1.5.8?

Hey Miki, is there any advantage to adding Rd or tracks to streamio? I have it seems like I get all the links I need.

Yeh 64bit but i was checking on my phone lol.


I use it in Stremio. But only because the quality of the streams are great and I never get buffering, but I also have all sorts of additional link options. So if you have an RD sub then add it, but if you don’t then I would save the money and use it without RD.

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Dont bother if its not the correct version. Grid view isnt a big deal. You can scroll very easily and use the search it finds things fast.

You may run into problems not using right versions… especially mobile on a non mobile os.


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What is the right link for the Shield Pro?

Not sure what you mean?