Free error Xenon build

I get “Free Error” every day, and it gets posted to the log file.It will not upload as it says cannot find server. Xenon Plus 6.1.
However, I get many providers without using RD or AD. If it fails to play without stopping I just try another provider.
When I get a list of providers, I always get a message that the Playback failed and to check the log, even though I didn’t get a list of providers and didn’t click on a provider. After clicking on OK in that message, I can then choose any provider and it usually plays.
How to fix these errors? RD?


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You should use the search function to see what others have done on a common problem.

Make sure you have enough space for your build. Using real debrid would solve alot of issues for links and no stream available.

Make sure kodi is 19.3 for new builds and addons.

Kodi mega guide.

I am using Kodi 19.3 on a desktop PC, not a Firestick.
Build Diggz Zenon 17.2 just installed.
This build has a better description and photo of each episode, but it won’t allow me to check it off as “watched”.
I don’t see the Free error now and others.
In 16.1, I only could only choose between THe Oath or the Crew; now I have 13 choices, mostly Seren.
More confused?


Install trakted and save your stuff to your favorites. Right click on the show.

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In my previous version of Diggz Zenon 16.1, I could mark episodes as watched. I don’t remember installing Trakt, and it seemed to be on the main page, as in the photo of my updated build.

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