Fractured repo will not work

this repo keeps getting listed in the kodi builds but does not work. Could someone humor me and try it?

Try to install Kodi 19.3 from to see if the same problem is with that site. I have never had a problem with any install I have done from Troypoint.


A different site will not make a difference as we all use the proper url links and proper instal for 19.3

Kodi mega guide.

Go there and look.

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thanks for the suggestion - I have 19.3 and have installed many builds but this one will not install. I used to have the joker build on 18.9 and liked it, so when I read that a 19 version was available I decided to give it a try to no avail. Just wondering what is going on. Take care

It was just a thought. I have just got back into Kodi as I stopped using it a number of years ago. Recently I purchased the newest Firestick 4K Max. What a difference to the old android tv boxes that I used back then.
Have a Great Day and Stay Safe

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