Finding the log for playing errors in Kodi

I’ve received this message for the last year nearly every day. "One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message. Can someone please guide me to that kodi log, I cannot find it anywhere thanks.

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I dont think you looked hard enough.

Kodi mega guide.


Thank you, TP-Dracoo!


You are welcome. Make sure everything is installed properly. Make sure you are on kodi 19.3, if you use a real debrid that will help.

Actually, I’m using 19.4 after receiving an email about it. I hope that’s the right version now and real-debrid has been in use for a while now. I followed the Kodi guide link you provided, breezed through it quickly and haven’t found the addon for viewing the log yet. I’ll look over it more detailed later this evening. Thanks again TP


If 19.4 is working then dont worry, check to make sure you still have real debrid sub time.

Is this doing it on crews live iptv? If so its free and errors often.

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