Exodus Redux Status?


Ive been using exodus v8 and exodus redux for aslong as i can remember now and never have any issues but the last few days they are not working

ive found you cant search for movies/shows or check out people watching or most popular etc however ive found if you search person eg (actors name) you can find shows/movies this way

however my exodus redux is finding no links for anything at all even has a (0) next to movie or tv show name and doesnt find any links even though im signed into real debrid account and trakt

Can anyone help or know if its down? Thanks

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This would be related to trakt being down also do some research please. That addon is old and outdated. get kodi 19.4 and check out this:

Kodi mega guide.

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Thanks i have never been on this forum before just discovered it, i will check through forum next time also as you can tell from the add on im usimg im clearly not up to date with latest and best kodi add ons ive always stuck with exodus cause its what ive always used and never had issues untill now but yes maybe its time to move on i will try find a add on that has been going for a while and is unlikely to become redundant and will also allow me to use my realdebrid and trakt account

Welcome to the community @ryanmcbride10! There’s lots of information on most subjects if you use the search function here on the Insider, but I would also suggest going to www.troypoint.com and start reading Troy’s articles. He is very detailed, thorough, and easy to follow. If you have any questions, feel free to post here or PM a member.

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Yes update to 19.4 version and install Promise, Homelander, Nightwing, these are better than exodus.

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Best Kodi Addons December 2022 (Free & Working) (troypoint.com)

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