Crew Kodi Problems

Continuing the discussion from KODI 20.1 wanting 19.3:
I had 19.3 it was one of the best but now it is even hard to get on 20.1 I have I do not like it all but the crew does not work every good at I did get that All debrid it does nothing I am glad it does not cost much but maybe I am not using it right because I am not good with computer stuff it would be great if KODI worked like it did just a few years ago


I don’t think it will solve your problems, but go ahead and hop back to 19.3, not sure what is holding you back. Also, All Debrid does work, and you are likely correct that you don’t seem to be using it right. Did you follow Troy’s guides on his website?

that is the problem I can not find 19.3 any more I like to know where I can find that website on the TROY guides

Try 19.5 and see if it is better for you. It isn’t necessarily the revision number it is more the Kodi version. I still think people are blaming Kodi 20 and using it as a scapegoat for other issues, but worth a try to see what 19 can do for you.

Google still exists outside of Troypoint.


Older versions of Kodi from the official Kodi site. Just click on whichever category you’re needing.

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Yeah just pick one! LOL

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If you might need it narrowed down to just 19.3, this would probably be what you’re looking for:

Downloader code: 48563


I have found new kodi release 20.2 is awesome. Everything works all categories.


Great Video, thanks for the info, first one I’ve seen

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Same here. Just finished setup and its working great

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Some firesticks require WiFi speed of 500 from provider for downloading K and 1080 size downloads…
Thus maybe even with Debrid firestick will buffer …I have 300WiFi just watch non DB …

The only thing you might need more than 35MBps down and 10MBps up is for some 4k and for 8K. Firesticks don’t need any faster speeds than other devices.

I have the latest version of Kodi, with the crew add-on, and some shows give no streams. I can watch half a season of a show, and then with no warning, episodes will get no streams. I usually select shows from the calendar, but sometimes i have to search for the show and can get it to play that way. Sometimes that doesn’t work and i end up watching only half a season and can’t watch it anymore. I know its not real debrid because some shows will play fine. Why are there no streams?

i always have back up apps in case that happens not much you can do about it

Which apps do you have? I have the crew, the promise, fen and some others. Usually if theres no streams on the crew, theres no streams on the others. There are some shows that dont even show up on the crew but i can find on the promise. It sure is frustrating when you get halfway into a season then cant watch it anymore

I use stand alone apps like onstream or flixvision or cinema or stremio all work well

Same here butI downloaded Diggz omega on updates KODI as troypoint don’t have Diggz 3.6
Papers movies/shows that have not been out long similar to Netflix do not download …but for some reason the cinema app many times will show these newer flicks.