KODI 20.1 wanting 19.3

  I use to download 19,3   it was the best   but  does any one know how to fix this  I received a firestick that had 20.1 on it  I can not get any thing on this no movies  or any thing else  why

Go to Kodi.tv and you should find all previous versions available.

Just because 19.3 was the best in your opinion at one time, doesnt make it the best currently. These add-ons are moving compatibility towards 20.1 and eventually 21, there is no guarantee 19.3 is as good as it once was. Worth trying, I guess.

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Put this code in your Downloader app: 48563
Or this url if you need to use a browser instead: https://aftv.news/48563

thank you for reply yes I getting to find that out because I had 19.3 it was great but now it does not work hardly at all I did have 20 ,1 but after about two weeks it went out also

hi the latest kodi is now 20.2 all working on my stick

thank you for reply sorry I late getting back to you I like to know what source you would use on the 20.2 kodi because it seems like http:// diggz1.me/diggzrepo does not work any more

i dont use builds all my apps are stand alone less problems

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Forget about 19. Just about all the KODI Addons are optimized for 20.2 And there are no problems with running Builds if you use the right Build Group

hi is the build group the same as the source Mark I thank you for help but I am not very good on a computer or things like this KODI I wish I knew a lot more about this because KODI worked for me years but they seem to go out I do wish they leave KODI alone 17.6 was great then I got 19.3 and it was great but now I am having trouble with it

Kodi 20.2 has no problems and trust me KODI is so much easier to use today then 5-6 years ago. The issue with Builds (assuming space is not a problem) is that the Dev doesn’t maintain things when they break especially addons. I’ve been using the Grindhouse Builds for about 4 years now and the Dev is very active in communicating any issues or any fixes he is going to make or any addons he is deleting or adding. Here are the instructions if you want to try it out


I am trying to down load the team-crew but I have it in there but i got as far as far as the crew wizard and now it does nothing I followed the instructions but it is this far and nothing I am older and not good with computers I not stupid I use to wire houses and factories run 220 and 330 volts for motors but for some reason I just can not get this I have that real debrid on my computer but I did not know how to get it on the Kodi

Larry, PLEASE watch jayhawks excellent video on getting Kodi and The Crew set up.

Great video, however you cant read the crew url where you have type it.

MM1217, is this what you are looking for? https://team-crew.github.io

Thank you. Managed to add the apk( the crew) however when I try to open up a video or a tv show, it say ( no stream/ video) . Nothing would play and I have the Kodi 20.3 no RD.

Yeah, without RD your not going to find any playable streams on The Crew. IMO if you don’t want to pay .10c/day for RD then don’t use KODI. This is the same reply I gave you in another thread and will be the same reply if you ask again :rofl:

It doesn’t hurts to ask around :rofl: i

thank you so i put that on the like the source or where I do thank you because I know nothing about computers I wish I did but I did not grow up with them and now having a hard time of it

Thank you I did and will when I get a lot of time but I would sure like to get Kodi back I have 5 firesticks all the KODI s went out but one it was so easy before I knew just how to get it back on until they changed every thing now some one said that 20.2 works well the one thing I really like is that Fido k19 that is great and it is all I have now