CINEMA TEATIME KODI BUILDS Don’t seem to play 5.1 etc


I have noticed in the last month or so I’m not able to play any of the movies etc in 5.1 /Atmos even thou I have that codec on my BOSE

The streams I click on using REAL DEBRID shows that has 5.1 Atmos etc the links are 4K and well over 15GB +

I love watching movies in 5.1 or above using the FIRESTICK 4K
Has anyone experienced this issue?
If so how can this be fixed?

I use MX player when using Cinema Teatime Apks.

Using NETFLIX/PRIME it picks up the 5.1 codec straight away. I don’t like the PCM 2.0 audio when watching action movies etc.

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Try switching to kodi with seren crew and real debird addons, once installed head to audio settings and change to 5.1 settings and turn on audio pass through then select links with 5.1.

Mentioned below is also something you need to do, forgot to mention it.

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When using MX, on the top bar, to the right, make sure you have HW+ chosen. That should give you the full sound you’re after.

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Thank you - I do use the codecs as mentioned. I still find it not picking up 5.1 only Dolby digital 2.1

Seren crew ok I shall try that.
I guess it’s in the tutorial to add this for KODI?

Thank you for your swift response.



Kodi mega guide.


Thank you for the info. Much appreciated Dracoo :pray::raised_hands::pray:

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