Cant install add ons in Kodi

Im new to kodi and currently trying to stall the Oath add on but have the same problem when trying to stall other add ons as well. I can do all the repo stuff but when i click install a windows pops up saying ‘the following addition add-ons will be installed’ but for some off the add ons it says not available. Then when i click install is says 'The dependency on script.module.six version 0.0.0 could not be … (cut of before i can read the rest. Does anyone know how to fix this or if I am doing something wrong? Thanks in advance

What version of kodi? I assume it will be Matrix 19.3. There are still a number of addons that are not yet compatible with Matrix. So for now you’ll have to research if the addon you want is compatible. So I researched Oath and it is compatible. Try the following instructions and see if it works.


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Kodi mega guide.

Along with posted above.


That’s because you have put kodi 18.9 Leia version on , delete this version and install the Matrix version 19.3 ,

I had the same problems with 18.9 , oath , crew, sport hd, magic dragon, rising tides , Asgard, are all set for version 19.3 now.


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