Best Builds for Kodi 20

I have been using doomzday is there a better build for Kodi 20?

Kodi mega guide.

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I’ve downloaded Kodi 20 and then went to use the “CrewNique Kodi Build”. On installation, a message informed me that a stable version of Kodi 20 was available. Due to the fact that I’m a total idiot, trying to find how to download the stable version of Kodi 20 is a nightmare, as it is not available on Rapid Installer. Additionaly, “CrewNique Kodi Build” gives a warning that using it on Kodi 19.4 will result in ‘skin loss’. Thought I best let you know - and ask for help.

Kodi 20 Alpha & “CrewNique Kodi Build” installed - so far, so good.

If you have downloader, simply type in and it will give you the option of 19.5 or 20.0 with the usual choices of your device may it be arm7,arm8,windows,or linux. It’s working great. I’m using diggz but the wizard only has 1 build that’s not zenon but like I stated it’s working well and easy to maneuver.


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