Which Device Do You Prefer?

Thank you I was wondering about that.

Thank you. I am really lookin for just a reliable fast streaming device with no frills. I don’t care that much about hd video as i do high quality sound. But even thats not totally important.

Ya but you can do the same on the firestick. Use the Debloater and install Wolf Loader and Launch Manager. Hide all the Amazon crap. Stop the Data and ad crap so they have no idea what you’re doing. Stop all the main page movie garbage and make your firestick much faster. Lean and mean


Sound is important. Took me a while to figure out how to pass through TrueHD audio using Kodi on my shield.

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I have the KM2 and am experiencing very slow response using Kodi 19.2 & 19.1, it takes several minutes to get it to bring up a tv show search or movie search and doesn’t seem to matter if it through Crew, Fen, the oath, etc. the response is still the same. I have added xtra storage and have put everything I can on the external storage but it has made no difference. Have you encountered anything like this?



Kodi takes up resources. It has never been super fast. It works better on other devises.

What this as well.

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The one and only ultimate device is Nvidia Shield 2 Pro. Just take a look at the benchmark

The best you can get for money.

Same here. It’s frustrating.

Maybe the biggest complaint I hear about KODI is how slow it is. And that is true kodi nowadays is “generally” very bloated or at least gives that feeling. People want fast response. When kodi loads depending on your build many things all load at once…and you get the sluggishness. I would suggest using a “less bloated” build or using stripped down kodi with just the apps you want on it. Personally I use the Doomzday Sports 101 build due to its pretty small considering however I rarely use kodi now days since tivimate 4.0 has solved most issues. Its fast and does everything I need.

So much TV and so little time;)

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I have my km2 remote working with 3 devices. All work great

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Maybe Mecool has finally released an update for their remote, after several months of customer complaints

I’m happy with my km3. When it comes time to replace it I’ll probably stick with mecool

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I guess my question is: can you operate all 3 devices at the same time, as in turn all 3 on or off at the same time?

Yes you can. Setting must be correct. I have km2, lg tv and a sony home theater. It controls all 3 as you want. On/off and volume

Then there has been an update to the programming as it never could do anything more than turn on/off one device at a time when it was first released. Now what about a functioning browser that you can stream with, like Silk? Did they fix that as well? Mecool was suppose to inform me if and when they resolved these issues but Mecool tech support is non existent.

Oh and one more question, what “setting” must be right? Thanks.

On km2/settings/set up remote buttons/power button.
Select there.
Also if your tv has a hdmi (arc) connect your box to this one

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Tx. I may rescue the KM2 from electronic junk oblivion where it now resides.

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Thanks for the video it did make a difference. I think I have added to many addons also, so I’m going to pursue reducing that number.

Miki - Is Wolf Launcher and Launch Manager two different apps or is Launch mgr part of Wolf Loader? So what you are saying I can get rid of all apps I cannot uninstall? That would be great!!