Which Device Do You Prefer?

Or are interested in purchasing?

Mecool km9
Mecool km2
Magicsee N5


I have km2 and it does everything I need. Blows away a firestick.

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Have you tried the km9?

I hear the KM6 and 9 are good boxs and they update their kodi versions.
There is also the new KM7 due out.

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I respectfully disagree. I have a km2 and used it for 3 days before adding it to the garbage. The remote does not allow for multiple device control. In other words you can’t turn on or off several devices at one time, only one, and that’s a huge problem to me. I contacted them 12 times for an update, and their answer was that they are aware of the issue and I should watch for an update, that was 3 months ago. So I went back to my old 4k as the new firesticks are extremely glitchy in loading apps and transitioning in and to settings. I’m buying the new 4k max as soon as they’re available.

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You should try the km9 @Miki good info though

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The 8G Nvidia Shield is my favorite. Went through many other boxes over the past 9 yrs but the Nvidia beats them all. I am able to use one remote for everything including my surround sound, can connect the Shield to my computer to keep it running at peak performance, backups, etc. The box is updated by Nvidia regularly. I know people who have had these over 10 years and they are still working great. JMO


Yes, im aware the shield, formular, fire sticks, ect… my question is about android boxes. I.e. non major commercial devices. Thanks for the input, always good too have different opinions. Im looking for reasonably priced products.

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Right now I believe you can get the Nvidia 8G at Best Buy for $129.00. I know they had them on sale last month at that price.


I do have the km9 it’s responsive good memory however the picture is not as good as it is on buzztv stick.

why do you have to turn it on every time you watch meecool km2

I have the Mecool KM2, Netflix certified box which also has two usb ports for added storage, it costs less than $80.00 and it works well. My only complaint is it would be nice to have a instruction manual that explained everything to you, ie. the definition of some terms and system apps and what their purpose is would be nice. It really comes down to how much money you want to spend. The KM2 for the price I think is a very good value, the last box I had cost me $300 and I got my moneys worth out of it. Identify what features are most important to you and go. from there. Good Luck

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Nvidia Shield Pro. If you are going to save $40-100 per month by cutting the cord then it’s totally worth investing in the best hardware. Nvidia is constantly going to update their devices and make sure that official apps are supported. It’s also super easy to expand internal memory and has two usb ports.

I would not buy a shield, its unnecessary for streaming imo. The question was about the devices specifically mentioned. Thank you for the info though.

I agree. After ditching my Nvidia Shield, I bought 2 pure android 9 devices in 2019 which have worked flawlessly and have great flexibility/customization possibilities. They are the Magicsee N5 plus and Ugoos AM6 Pro. Both have external antennas, 64 Gbs of internal memory and 4 gbs of RAM. Both boxes are rooted with an on/off root switch. The N5 Plus has a very nice home screen launcher. You can find the reviews for them at TV Box Stop or Chigz Reviews websites.


I threw my KM2 in the garbage. Waste of money imho. The breaking point for me was the remote. You can’t turn on your TV and Soundbar at the same time. For 3 months they told me an update was coming to fix this and it never came. Can’t get a browser that supports streaming from sites. I use Silk on 4k firestick. No tech support or if any it takes days to get a less than helpful reply. I don’t watch garbage like Netflix and YouTube so the license for them didn’t matter to me. Thank god it was inexpensive.

I have had the Nvidia shield for a long time and got the new one when it came out and love them . I would recommend it hands down

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For off brand boxes.

Pendoo x12 pro
X88 pro

Or any 4gig ram android 9 or higher works amazing.


The Shield runs Android TV, not stock Android.

Me too. When I started to look into internet capture, this one seemed to be just right, and it has performed very well.

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