Where are old TROYPOINT Videos?

I have been with Troy Point from the beginning. I have used all his apps and videos to learn so much. I used his videos for step by step instructions. Now a lot of his videos are no where to be found!! I use Tivimate for my IPTV and have added extra storage to my firesticks. Troy had a video on using X-plore app with tivi mate to use it as a DVR to record, and i forgot how to install it. I used all of Troys video’s and no can not find them anywhere.

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When I read the topic of this thread, I thought that there was a ‘Miss Troy Point’ beauty contest that I didn’t know about.


Now that would be something to see! :heart_eyes:

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They are all over troypoint.com. What videos? Some stuff has been taken down from youtube do to their BS. Alot of it can be found on the main site the are still there.


Thank you so much TR-Dracoo… will check them all out… alwsgood


i found the video on tivimate dvr. was looking for video to dvr tivimate to extra storage on fire stick with usb, not to pc. that’s the one Troy has now. saving files to pc. want the other video he had year ago on how to do to usb , using X-plore file?

Found this that might help.

How to record IPTV using TiviMate on a USB flash drive? - We Do Streaming!

However, you may want to reconsider your options for using a flash drive on a FS. Firestick uses FAT32 format for its connected USB’s which means that there is a 4GB limit to file sizes. Once a recording hits 4GB it’ll stop. You’ll be able to record more of a program if you use a lower resolution channel FHD>HD, HD>SD. Unless you record to a SMB which doesn’t have a file size limit.

Btw, you really should think about editing your title. The one you have makes it sound like you have some illicit videos of “Miss Troy Points”, or was that done intentionally as click bait for views? :rofl:

Greta Gif

Please review this for all firestick issues and guides, if the following hasn’t worked feel free to ask.

This should resolve most to all issues.

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Thanks… This is exactly what i needed!!

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