VPN Recomendations

My VPN is getting ready to expire and I may switch services.

Any recommendations?

I am currently using Nord. It is up in Feb, so I have time. If you would be willing to try a 5 minute test for me on your vpn, and it passes, I’ll paypal you a beer!

On Nord, If I log in on a Korean Server, and then run netflix, it wont actualy let me watch any shows. It runs the app and shows me what is hot in Korea, but when I try to actually watch a show, it returns an error and says Im on a vpn and I have to disable it.

I will definitely switch to a vpn that I can watch Korean Netflix on I may switch even if I cant if price is cheaper, but I am really looking for ease of use and to have the vpn automatically connect whenever I use tivimate.

Thanks for any recommendations


That’s because Netflix is geo location locked and no vpn will bypass it.

So if you purchase you Netflix account in a different country using a credit card attached to your name in that region it won’t matter, you will be region locked.

I’d take you up on that challenge but I don’t use paypal or Netflix. I do use ExpressVPN and they claim to be able to bypass geoblocking, and they have a no commitment free trial.


It may work for a time shortly, but it will be blocked at some point as they are starting to blacklist vpns and bypassing measures.

I didn’t say nobody couldn’t try it. If it works perfect, but it won’t stay working.

Nord gets by their geoblocking. That is why I am able to see the number one shows in Korea instead of the Number one shows in the US. I would suspect if they were looking at where you signed up from with your cc, then it would always sign you in to your home country and that isnt the case.

I was reading today that Nord has “Obfuscation” servers (Obfuscated Servers & How to Bypass VPN Blocks | NordVPN). They say services can tell you are on a vpn by how your data looks. They(Nord) get around it by modifying your data packets. However, it looks like I can get the obfuscated nord server in the US, but not in Korea.

Oh no D I certainly didn’t mean to imply or suggest you were incorrect in any way. You are absolutely correct that the sites are blacklisting VPNs, and that certainly hurts, but the best VPNs are also finding ways to circumvent those Geoblocks, although as you said, noone knows how long that will last. This is a hobby where we all roll the dice.

Hi Miki
I had ExpressVPN for a year bear in mind I am novice I only have one year cord cutting under my belt. But I am starting to regret getting rid of it for CyberGhost which is a quarter of the price and I don’t get notifications when it disconnects, and is slower. ExpressVPN vpn would let me locate forNetflix USA and I believe I did Netflix Germany too. I’ve discovered I can not do the same with CyberGhost. So in my very limited experience I would say you get what you pay for?

Well for the no notice when VPN disconnects install vpnsafetydot . It puts a small coloured dot in the top right of your screen:
Green= connected
Or you can use the thumb icon, which is what I use thumb up=connected
thumb down= disconnected



I use nord, I know all about there obscure server and data packet scrambling.

You will absolutely be able to see any country on Netflix by doing this, don’t mean it will play.

It’s tied to your subscription. I love nord, and it is my go to, but Korea has more internet security and limitations including vpn blocks so it’s a tad harder to bypass.


I know I didn’t mean to sound bossy. My apologies. You should give it a try, does not hurt to try things. Netflix currently has so many protocols in place to region lock their stuff is unreal.

I am going to try a test to see if you are correct. I have family in S Korea with netflix accounts. I am going to ask for their credentials and log into Netflix from the states. If it logs me in to their Korean library, they it must be their cc. If it logs me into the us library, since that is where I am logging in from, it must be something else.

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Dracoo is correct. Take my Amazon account for example, I tied my Cdn CC to my .ca account when I registered it, now I can’t load some apps that are readily available for .com accounts, as he mentioned, you may be able to access sites but playing content is a whole different ball game.

Would be kind enough to send me the full downloader address I keep getting error unknown

IP Vanish is the best VPN out there

Wow, thanks Miki! I never even thought to go looking for something like this. I have ExpressVPN and I can’t complain about performance but on a few, very rare occasions, when I went to log out, I realized my VPN had disconnected. I know that I can set it to disable all internet when it is not running but I go on frequent video conference meetings and I find that the VPN interferes with my connections so I prefer to disconnect the VPN when attending these meetings and then turning it back on when I’m finished. But now if I want to know whether my VPN has disconnected without my knowledge, I can just look for my little green dot. It’s these kinds of little tips that can be so beneficial.

In terms of Netflix access from different countries, I tried it a few times and Netflix always seemed to know I was on a VPN so I added Netflix to my split tunnel to bypass VPN. If I really want to see something from another country, I have other ways outside of Netflix to do so.

I also prefer Nord and use it on every device I have.

My 2 cents…sometimes you have to get creative, it depends on how protected you want to be and how determined you are. But you’ll take a speed hit with each step (noticeable or not).

If I want to really hide my ID, I’ll use an obfuscation connection on my router connecting to a local server, and just a straight VPN connection on my device using a server in the region I want to be seen as coming from.

Want more for websites? Use TOR browser.

Nord is pretty good at maintaining their servers and monitoring their ip’s that I’ve seen. I.E. if I can’t get XYZ app to run due to location, a change of vpn server has always fixed it for me.


P.S. Or you could lease server space in a country with a court proven no log policy and set up your own VPN ;>

I got credentials yesterday to a Korean account and logged in under them instead of my own here in the states. Sure enough, the Korean library opened up and I was able to view the Korean library without any issues. So as you said, it must be tied to where your payment is coming from.

+Both my son and I have been using IPVanish for over 2 years, have not run into any problems… recommend it highly…

Try surfshark excellent service has wireguard anti virus and competitive prices


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@davies678625 Surfshark was my first and I felt it wasn’t that great so I purchased a different one and Surfshark did some major upgrades and changes and its all I use now. Especially since they went to the 10gbps routers. I have 0 buffering with them anymore. I’m a fan