VPN Recomendations

Just switched from IPVanish to Private Internet Access. So far it’s much faster. Almost double the speed I was getting with IPVanish. Also no more disconnecting. IPVanish used to disconnect a couple times a day. Seems the servers would get overloaded and would kick you out.

Glad to hear it’s working for you if surfshark keeps improving it will soon be the number 1 VPN.keep surfing.

I switched from IPVanish to ExpressVPN and found I got way faster speeds and more stable connections. Like you I found IPV was having way to many issues.

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I recommend ExpressVPN as have several others. I have used the service for 4 years with consistently excellent connections and no buffering. It is also domiciled in a jurisdiction that is not subject to any data sharing treaty.

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I have Surfshark and do not recommend it! I cannot tunnel any of my iOS devices. I made the mistake of switching from ipVanish.


Alot of suggestions here.

  • Ipvanish (troy discount plus unlimited connections)
  • Nord
  • Surfshark
  • Express vpn
  • Strong vpn

I think, you should personally research each one and pick one that suits your needs. Keep in mind the most basic vpn does the same as every other. The idea is to mask your ip. If you are going to pay pick the one with the best options and speeds that suit your needs.


You should try StrongVPN it works for most region US,UK,Mex. you have to pick a server that will let you for example US server Dallas

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Sorry @marko1965 but why do you think I need another vpn? I have IPVanish, Proton, and ExpressVPN now. I’m well covered and very familiar with the best ones. Thank you for your concern though. Have a great night.

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