Unboxed new Mecool km6

Took only about 10 days to get here from China.
Hooked it up, loaded my goto apps(thx TP toolbox) and all is working well so far except one thing. It will not open the Google playstore.
I get message “something went wrong, check your Wi-Fi connection or get a notification when your connection comes back”. I get this with both vpn on or off. Tried a force stop and cache clear of the playstore app, no help. Researched it here and on the web and not finding an asnswer. Box runs android tv 10. Any ideas?

In settings>>apps goto playstore and see if it will allow you to un-install updates? That will re-set to factory, reboot and re-check


@TXRon, that worked!!! Thx a ton


Enjoy the new box…congrats! Give us an update when you have the chance to use it, think you will be very happy.

I have it on the main tv, connected to my router via Wi-Fi 6. It’s replacing my FS 4K max, hopefully permanently. Working great so far.

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I hope that fine wood grain veneer is rockin’ yer main tv :man_dancing: :metal: :eyes:

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…not to mention getting seduced by the sensual breathing lights…

Glad it worked for you. The KM6 is one of my fav boxes. Never a real issue with mine :+1:

@Riceyepie Take his word for it…I’m pretty sure he’s got a side job testing streaming boxes for Consumer Reports :thinking: :face_with_monocle:


Yep, wood grain, breathing lights, av1, and Wi-Fi 6. Happy guy so far. Not seeing any remote issues but will be on the look out. Good bye FS.


If you don’t mind, I’m just curious where you purchased your Mecool KM6, how much storage (I know there are various options), and how much you paid for it.

I got my KM6 last year during Black Friday sales. Its been a solid and dependable product. Think you’re going to be happy with your purchase.

They run deals/coupon codes for these often. I think code TROYPOINT still works for a 10%, but sometimes they have a little deeper than that.


*This code doesn’t work anymore, but you could search for others.

I did some Mecool research and figured I’d get the KM6. Couple weeks later found a deal for the KM1 Deluxe (4/32) for $60 and pulled the trigger. Then I remembered why I wanted the KM6…the gig ethernet switch. Duh, now I’m limited to 100 ethernet. Oh well…I’ll need another box soon since the wife’s FS has gone kind of wonky. Have fun with the KM6.

In my opinion mecool makes a pretty good box but I consider only 2 if making a purchase. #1 is the km2 for people who want certified and #2 KM6 for no or less certs but raw power.

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I liked the KM1 Deluxe for the 4 ram and 32 storage, decent processor, the price, plus it is certified. Not really sure the certified part is such a great thing.

As for BobCs question, I think, like me, most people buy the box directly from the Mecool site.(?)

I bought mine close to 2 yrs ago thru Banggood (Chinese Amazon wannabe)…they had an excellent return policy & also had product in US & Canada…so shipping was quick. Also got a great price.

Don’t see any more 6s there now…

Yes I got mine direct from the Mecool website for $85 using the now expired WDAY code.
@BobC, It’s 4gb / 64gb.

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$85!!! You just beat me out for lowest price…well done :+1:

And…wifi 6 wasn’t around when I got mine so you got that xtra l’il ditty too…

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I got the KM1, and I really like it. Adding true adoptable storage is a breeze with it as is recording with Tivimate.
My internet sub is only 100 Mbps anyway so the 100 Mbps ethernet port limitation doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t understand why having a Gigabit port would be any advantage for a TV box.
AFA having a Gig for service, there are obvious reasons, for why some people would need it, just not for streaming TV.