Mecool km6 discount code

Using discount code WDAY, the km6 can be had for $95. Thoughts?

Great price! excellent box.

Mine has been :+1: for almost 2 yrs, so I’m very happy. I’d just make sure you can easily return it if it happens to be a lemon. And yes…$95 is a good price…IMO :saluting_face:

Edit: I have the Deluxe model of the KM6

Absolutely a steal! Normally you can only get that price buying 2 of them at a time.

They dont actually call it the KM6 Deluxe in the title on the Mecool site, but says it in the description. It is the same, badass box.

Copy…don’t know if they even make a plain KM6 anymore, but when I got my Deluxe, they did. It didn’t have the same specs as the Deluxe…was all black I believe with a 10/100 E-port & some other lesser feature that I can’t remember…but I wanted the gig e-port & higher specs of the Deluxe…and of course, the way cool wood grain top :joy: I didn’t get mine direct thru Mecool…

Interesting, i didnt realize they made a standard KM6 before. I have always just seen the Deluxe (32 and 64gb) versions.

Yeah…can’t find it anywhere now tho…guess they discontinued or renamed it. Looked like the KM7 & was about $20…? cheaper I believe. Ron may have seen it somewhere during his many past purchases. When I was doing my DD on it I always had to stipulate Deluxe, or that one would come up in my searches. That Deluxe label wasn’t just because of its snappy wood grain veneer…ha ha

It looks to include the av1 and wifi 6, so it must be the deluxe. I bought one. We’ll see.

I think the only difference between km6 and delux was storage, been awhile but its best my memory works :crazy_face:

Congrats! I have two of these bad boys, one for each bedroom upstairs. I don’t think you will be disappointed. Worst part is the wait lol.

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A good while back I bought a km7 direct from the Mecool website. I was surprised when it arrived quickly, fulfilled by Amazon. Maybe the same this time, I hope.

Mecool draws on stockpiles they have in various locations. Some of those are Amazon warehouses. My KM2 took about 6 weeks to get to Mexico.

Km6 deluxe on mecool site , use 15SPRING, gets it down to $101.15/ shipped

Code WDAY gets its down to $95.

Thanks appreciate that!

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That’s a really good deal. I did a little research on the various Mecool boxes and couldn’t remember why I liked the KM6 Deluxe. So pulled the trigger a couple of months ago on a KM1 Deluxe (4, 32) because the deal was down to $60. As soon as it arrived, I remembered why I initially wanted the KM6…the gig ethernet port instead of the KM1 limited to 100. Knowing what I know now, the extra $35 would have been worth it even though the KM1 has been flawless for me.


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My Stream4k experiment seems to have failed, I think I received a faulty one. Out $29, no biggy. But I’m trying to look for a box with these requirements:

  • Wifi 6
  • Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • 4gb memory
  • Amlogic CPU
  • AV1
  • Non-Amazon

This sounds like a stupid post, but name me a streaming box that has all of these features/criteria together that isn’t $200+ (aka Z11 Pro max, Buzz X5 and U5, etc). The only answer that I have come up with so far is the KM6 Deluxe. This is for my sun porch, so I wanted a quality box that didn’t cost a fortune so I’m not out a bunch of money if something goes wrong being that it isn’t fully inside the house. I was hoping to get something else that met my list above since I already own 2 KM6s, but with the 20% off code the 32GB is $87 right now…what a steal.