Unboxed new Mecool km6

I think if you have it, you want to use it. Even though for streaming there should be no practical advantage to having 700 mbps vs 75. I’m really happy with that box too since I’d be looking at only about 150 mpps if I had a gig port. So you are right, that’s really kind of a made up first world “problem”. And (I think) we got that usb storage thing straightened out.

If one of your hobbies is 3-D printing the more the better :smiley:

My Son-in-law (totally undeserving of my daughter, of course LOL) needs a Gig or more DL & a lot UL because his job requires him to have back up servers for businesses at their house.


@TXRon, FYI the playstore fix didn’t stick. Just went to use it and was locked out again with the same message.
So I did the delete update again and was able to get in. It would appear that every time I want to enter the store, I’ll need to repeat the fix.

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Have you cleared cache? Not sure if clearing data will remove apps installed, but that might be an option. Might also check playstore permissions and allow everything if not already.

@TXRon thx for answering. Yes, did all of that prior to my first post. I won’t be in the playstore too often so doing the fix every time is not a big deal, but certainly all weird.

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yea it is strange, but ive heard of this before

Make sure system time is correct.

playstore says something went wrong at DuckDuckGo

The newest coupon code for Mecool 15% off is 15SPRING. Just FYI for anyone looking. If I find a 20% off, I will post.

The mecool site has a roulette style wheel you spin and get either 15% or 20% off.

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