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I agree 100% with these rankings. This is the order I have always put them in as well. Express is absolutely a fantastic VPN, it just has limited devices available with your account.


I prefer ProtonVPN paid version. It’s different from the rest.


Premium Proton is a very good VPN for sure. Why is it “different from the rest”?

I agree with you. Express has knocked it outbid the park for us for streaming. Never one issue in all this time having it. Would be nice if they bumped up connections to at least 10. SS is very good as well except for the issue it gave me, but I’m only one person. Other than that issue it worked so well out of the gate. I still use it as they seem to have fixed the issue but the unlimited connections and price cannot be touched


I agree. I had Express VPN, which IMO is much better than Ipvanish, which I had around the time they released logs of their “no logs” policy, I ditched them and went to Express for awhile. Have Surfshark now for almost 2 years, no issues, only happiness.

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I’m still with IPVanish based on a great lifetime cost of $45 a year. However, would love to see them add a working kill switch on Fire TV/Android TV systems
and ad/malware blocker. I use the VPN Safety Dot.

I wonder if the top two vpn services would price match the same deal.


Express is more expensive, and SS is cheaper than it really should be. I don’t think you’ll be able to swing the price match with either of these, but I guess it might be worth the try.


I have not had any problems with IPVanish, so I will stay put for now. I just have to use modded versions of apps without ads, which I download from trusted sites. I use Virustotal on all apps.

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I have two only because I signed up with Nord before I read of Miki’s postings or knew about this board here. Proton outshines Nord in every aspect. Speed, latency, all prove “at least from where I’m sitting” whose the winner. I tried Express awhile back and didn’t notice any noticible difference.

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Proton is very good as well. I tried it for 30 days

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Oh I agree with you and the other post about Proton. The claim was that it is different than the others on this list. Just wondering what that meant. I think it is solid but I don’t think has any features that would make it stand out above the ones on this list.

ProtonVPN has an affiliate program now, but they never overpaid these VPN reviewers in order to get on the top recommended lists. I think this makes them different from NordVPN, IPVanish, ExpressVPN, and others. The most recommended VPN does not mean it is the best VPN; it is the one with the highest commissions.


My favourite feature of the ProtonVPN is the speed up tech. With Proton on my speeds don’t even drop.


Please don’t insult Troy’s work by claiming he is basing his research off of commissions. You are allowed to use and like whatever VPN you want, just don’t come in here and call him out because his list doesn’t match up with your opinion.


I didn’t mean that. I only answered your question earlier.

Hello, if you were a Patron you would see why I didn’t add them to our list of recommended VPN services. Their Fire TV / Android TV apps are FAR LESS superior than any of our top 3 providers.

As I said in my rankings article, I am testing these services primarily on Fire TV / Android TV systems as that’s what our followers are interested in.

And by the way, I was offered a very nice affiliate fee from Proton due to our large fan base and told them that I would gladly promote them once they do a better job with their Fire TV / Android TV apps.

If I was in this for the affiliate fees, I would be switching VPN rankings every month like many other sites do.

We pride ourselves on our honest reviews and wouldn’t ruin our reputation as we’ve been in this since 2009.

I’m assuming that you either work for Proton or you are an affiliate of theirs?


I get your point now. I didn’t try it on Android TV or Fire TV, so I don’t know. I am not affiliated with ProtonVPN or work for them. I was an ExpressVPN and NordVPN customer before switching to ProtonVPN, and I still have one NordVPN account active.


Troy is correct. I’ve been contacting Proton customer service to complain about the missing options and settings in FireTV. I did this for month after month and all I got was a “we’re working on it”. Took another 4 months and found out it was all a lie. Then one CS rep explained they don’t care about streaming devices. Unfortunately I made a rookie mistake and paid for their 2 yr sub.



Could have fooled me. Not sure if allowed to link to a page their but it’s plastered on an entire secondary page with links to channels.

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