T95 box on ebay for 39.99

found this box on ebay and i ordered 2 of them…only a couple left
do you guys think these specs are right for this price? seems to good to be true ?

2023 NEW T95 TV BOX 6K 5G WIFI 4+128GB Android 11.1 Quad Core Smart Media Player


2023 NEW T95 TV BOX 6K 5G WIFI 4+128GB Android 11.1 Quad Core Smart Media Player | eBay


I’ve seen these in the wild before. Specs look good for price. I don’t see that it supports Ethernet but good price

Generic stock box, pretty much as good as most others just not a big name. Only thing to really consider on stock boxes is amlogic and snapdragon tie for =#1 Rockchip=#2 allwinner#3


They are all over Amazon as well. Too many to choose from. Shows Android 10 only

Nice Find and a great Price point. I have had 2 of these T95 Boxes now well over 5 years. Other than having to reboot every now and then I have had ZERO issues with these boxes. I have never shut them off, the fan doesn’t overheat, and there’s a boat load of storage so never have to worry about loading multiple builds, multiple forks, apps, etc… Both my Boxes have the Amlogic chip and I noticed this box has the H616 Quad which I believe is also called the “Allwinner”? I’ve seen comments the Allwinner may be inferior to Amlogic but have not seen any specific data conforming this. Also this is “Stock” Android which I absolutely LOVE but just beware others here poo poo stock Android LOL! Also the Ethernet is most likely 100 vs 1000 Gigabit. One of my T95 Boxes is 100 and one is Gigabit. 5 years ago this was more of a difference however now with Fiber widely available a good fast wifi connection will overcome the 100 Ethernet limitations on some of these generic boxes. I get 400MB and a great connection from AT&T fiber so my box with 100 ethernet screams on wireless

Quite Honestly at this price point I think this is a really good deal and I would go for it. Heck I may snag one too

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I would worry too much about android version, some of the best boxes are still on version 9. Many mecool boxes are still on 10.

Probably has Allwinner chip in it. The least desirable of the major ones.

Shoot - doesn’t ship to Canada & couldn’t find on Canadian Amazon site, at least not 2023 version.

Could you gurus give me your opinion on this box. - it’s in Canadian $$$ (less $6 coupon + free delivery)




A tad pricey for the specs imho. Good RAM and amazing Storage. I’ll wait for the 3rd gen cube to drop to a price close to this though.


If your going to spend that kind of money a name brand box would be my choice, Mecool Nvidia, Formuler. Mecool Km6 is about the same money and a lot better device.


Those choices are nearly 3 times as much, aren’t they?


heres the same box

Amazon.com: Android TV Box 11, RK3318 USB 3.0 Ultra HD 4K HDR 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 2.4G 5.8G Dual Band WiFi with BT 4.1 WiFi 100M Ethernet with Backlit Mini Keyboard Set Top TV Box : Electronics


Does have an ethernet port …look at specs

The one you posted only has 64GB of ram
The one i posted has 128GB of ram?

My bad i meant storage…I’m old

thx TXRon

If that was true then that would justify the price however its not ram but rather storage. Both have 4gb ram.

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3x times the price as the one i posted? but same specs?
I also see those boxes are moving fast for that price…peeps are jumping on them

I was responding to Throttlejockey.

I think he was responding to whoever posted the more expensive boxes are 3x which they are. Look I’ve been on this forum for a bit and most people are going to shoot down these cheap generic T95Z boxes from China. They want their certified boxes so they can load the Netflix app with their PAID Sub which is ridiculous as it goes against the reason this forum is here. Cut the god damn cord! Anyway just wanted to let you know I’ve had a great experience with these stock Android boxes though the years. I have no need for Netflix as I already have it with KODI + RD + Trakt

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Nobody’s knocking nobody, the one I was commenting on was $103 so that’s why I recommended a name box for that price. If the boxes you use are reliable then that is great.

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Yeah wasn’t commenting on your comment. I think when the reply comment is misused or Not used there can be some confusion as was here. I understand what you were saying. Just trying to let the OP know these China boxes always get poo pood but some of us have had great experiences with them And lots of us are true cord cutters meaning we have no need for a certified box