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I have some serious speed degradation using SS lately. I always expect a little bit but not to this extent. I have switched to all different protocols and tested using analiti. Without SS VPN I am getting 335 MBPS down. SS best was 35MBPS and that was not steady. I could retest immediately not changing anything and it goes down to 15MBPS.
I’m using Firestick 4K+. I have Fidium fiber optic high speed device.
Anyone else having similar? Anyone have a fix for SS on Firestick? I have followed help etc, to no avail.

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Might want to give this a try.

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Run a Speed Test (in Surfshark App) on a Windows PC. This will show the best locations at the moment for your location and network. I used to think it wasn’t necessary, that I always knew the best locations, but if you have never used it, you may be surprised by the results. When I switched to the recommended location, all my issues were resolved and speed was back to screamin’.


Just looked at my SS app on Windows 10 laptop and couldn’t find speedtest anywhere. Where is it?

Make sure Surfshark is disconnected, go into VPN Settings and it is under Bypasser.

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Put SS on pause. Nothing under bypasser. ?

It needs to be disconnected to run the speed scan/test. Do you have the most up-to-date version of SS app?

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Once I actually disconnected SS it showed up. Turns out Canada is smokin. But what does this mean? I don’t stream from the laptop or PC so don’t need the speed necessarily. Will this Speed Test translate to my streaming boxes? The fastest server site on the laptop will be the fastest on the Mecool or Shield?

That is the hope. When I use the recommended locations from the PC speed test, it fixes any issues that I may be having.

Got another dumbish question for you. SS is measuring speed with the SS VPN on (even though you disconnected)? This site is usually pretty slow to load for me, but after I changed to the recommended Canadian server, it was very quick to load. You may have come up with something very useful.

I have posted this trick several times here because of all the SS issues I am seeing. Once I used it and selected the recommended location, my box issues went away. I think it is a very useful and cool feature.

Mine defaulted to detroit - I am in Canada. Started having speed problems with the detroit server so switched to new york or boston and all is good (occasionally I will use toronto or montreal). The only time I do a speed test without ss is when trying to determine if the issue is ss or the connection. SS has been rock solid lately.

I just downloaded kodi 20.1, and had read this. I just speed tested in all protocols. , with closest locations and even tried Canada. I have discovered my SS speed went from 183, suddenly down to 50-70. I think they’re having problems , cuz iOS is screwing up too

Did you run the recommended speed test from the Windows SS app? This is not Analiti speed test, this is a test to show you speeds from all thr different locations along with the ping of each, and let you see the best locations for you.

No, I had not done that yet. I saw your recommendation. I was removeving 19.5 for 20.1 , and uninstalled and reinstalled Seren cuz I’m having same problem with Seren closing on its on , which it seems to do when it wants to auto play to next episode. . I will do that next. I am surprised changing protocols didn’t changes speeds though

Well ran the test. Weird. Recommended were all Canada. Speeds were 160 mbps. Then I looked at my favorites. Atlanta was 187. So why would they recommend Canada, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. ? Vancouver was real slow :person_shrugging:

Update. Changed dns servers to Cloudfare , w/o vpn 208 mbps, with SS vpn still 56mbps. I used to get 100 plus. My other devices are 75 mbps, iOS

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Same happens to me with the speed. 300 mbps without VPN. Maybe 50 mbps with it on. Did everything suggested…contacted Surfshark also. The funny thing is I buffer alot using 5 GHz. The router sits about one and a half feet from my fire stick 4K. 2.4 GHz works awesome…less speed and less buffering…stopped trying to figure it out :joy:

Surfshark got back with me. They had me download apk from their site and speed bout doubled.

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