Supercharge $19 Walmart onn. Android TV Box Video

In this video I show an ADB hack that will allow you to expand internal storage on this device. I also show how to install TROYPOINT App, Wolf Launcher, and more.

Great little device for only $19!

You can find my unbiased review for this Android TV Box at the following link.


You amercians and your fancy walmarts…

Lol good review.


Great Review and I agree this makes a good backup box or even if one wants to use it as an everyday “no frills” box. It just works and is dependable. I have one set up where a roku tv is used and roku is used most often with the onn box setup as a “movie box”…all is well.


Have them on both our TV’s for about 4-5 months now, did adoptable storage and used adb to remove apps,… both firesticks have been on the shelf. Great review.

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So much confusion, @TROYPOINT !!! I was gonna buy one a couple of weeks ago, but hesitated because of your (or someones) first comments. Then I see this review, and I’m ready to get one tomorrow, but now you’re giving some away???!!! Whats an ole man to do???:wink: thanks for all of you & your teams support and guidance. You guys make streaming FUN!! (and cheap!:rofl:)

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On my 4k Firestick, I use a cheap 4-bay usb hub with the otg cable and plug in a wireless keyboard & mouse…saves a lot of strained thumb-muscles. That’ll probably work here, too.

I’m going to tackle this project tomorrow. I much prefer my Onn cheapie’s UI.


Love the little box. However it acts like my Android phone and won’t install some apps that work and are safe on my Firesticks. Is this true for all straight Android devices?


It is for both of my android tv operating systems…PlayStore is useless so I do a lot of sideloading.


I always side load, even on my phone. They both just won’t install certain apps. I’ll use the ONN, on my little basement TV.


I load apps onto my phone that I can’t get through the Amazon store but can in the playstore, or 3rd party stores like aptoide on my phone. Then I use apps2fire to transfer them to my device from my phone.

Sounds interesting. I will try it but I’m happy with what it can do for my basement and garage.

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Got this today and set up according to Troy’s instructions. Works great. I did try to connect my ugeen gig ethernet usb adapter to the otg cable and could not get it to work. Did not recognize any internet nor the adoptable storge I added earlier. Any suggestions?


I added a 64 gig sandisk usb to my onn works fine

I bought one and have it up and running. Great box and price. The only thing I haven’t figured out is what browser will replace the internet one on the FS? The picture resolution is much better on the ONN. I found one problem, when using the online keyboard and trying to use voice you have to speak loudly, or sometimes it will lockup the ONN and you will have to do a restart. I used the ADT program and had to write down the SM commands before setting up the ONN. I like that you can put the APPs in USB or internal storage easily. Where is the documentation for the ADT program? I understand some of the commands, but not all of them…

Hello, try Puffin Browser through Play Store.

I turned off play protect in the playstore because I was having trouble even using downloader.

The Puffin Browser requires a subscription to work right. I am looking for a free browser.


Many many free browsers out there…

Duck duck go
Many more.

Can’t get them for the ONN, example duck duck go.

If you can’t find something on the PlayStore…download Downloader (from the PlayStore) & download it from there…

The secret word for today is download :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: