Silk Browser for Android

For those having issues with puffin etc on android(me)…I grabbed a copy of silk from HERE…if you read down the list I grabbed and side loaded it and it works great, built in cursor and all. :+1:

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And as it’s cloud based it’s footprint is small. It’s optimized for Firesticks and plays live stream perfectly. I use it every day to access sports and to test sites that offer free movies and series as well.
Thanks @TXRon. That’s the best update info I’ve seen for Silk. Great resource.


How well does it handle downloads? I have firefox right now, but is a pain in the butt! Can’t stand using Downloader because of that bs little circle used as a pointer. Do you think Silk is better than Puffin?

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I use… BRAVE… it is excellent… Best browser for privacy…


I have that on my laptop. Do you have a link for use on a nvidia device?

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My only choice also.:+1:

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