Setting up Amazon tablet

I purchased an Amazon tablet today and figured out how to install Google play from there I installed tivi companions and paid for my account than installed tivimate tried typing in the url and would not allow. Any suggestions and how to add my premium account

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If I remember correctly on that first page you should see add playlist and settings, click settings and then at the top you will see something like activate premium, click that and from there you should be able to follow the instructions. Good luck.

I’m having all sorts of issues. Apparently the Tivimate app isn’t configured for these tablets…Bummer! I am trying to find a work around, but no luck so far.

Btw, this is after I got rid of all the Amazon junk. Still had to go back into the “Toolbox” and re-enable a few things. Such as the Amazon App Store just to get a working Pluto TV app.

I’ll post the solution if I find one. :crossed_fingers:


I have been trying it seems like forever and finally gave up and gave it away to a neighbor’s kid

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Ok, here is an update:
I got a working version 3.3.0 of the Tivimate app up and running on my 2021 Amazon HD TabIet 10. I got the download from a 3rd party source using Downloader. Activated my premium sub and installed a freebie m3u url and epg url. Everything loaded properly. Channels, and epg were all present and functioning. (PIC is blurred to protect the innocent…lol)

Here are the issues. #1. The app is not made for touch screen functionality! So, you have to get creative to be able to navigate around. I used the “Back” button on my tablet to get to the left panels. From there you can access all your settings and playlists. Tapping and back button are key. #2. I haven’t figured out a way to update the app to v. 4.0 I may just try to download the newer version 4.0 and uninstall the v.3.3.0.


Update #2: Got the v 4.0.0 downloaded without issue. There are a lot more features added in the v.4.0. One of which is the option to change the color. lol

This time I downloaded a pd service with well over 40K+ channels, movies, VOD TV shows, and catchup. Everything loaded fine using the xtream codes.

With a little bit of creative effort I was able to start populating a favorites folder, and catchup seemed to work as normal. basically, I can access everything on the app. You just need to outsmart the app a little? :thinking: Some things, such as renaming a playlist I could not get the on screen keyboard to appear…minor irritance.

All-in-all, it works just not as easily. Maybe the devoloper will make his app touch screen friendly in a future update? He’s pretty close to it now!


I added my premium account from the player app I downloaded to my tablet. i never went into the companion app.


I am struggling trying to move to the left when in my channels list,should I hold down the left arrow or just click on it,I wish it would be touchscreen. Is there away to see if I need to update to a newer version thx

Tivimate will be a whole lot quirky using it on a tablet! I’ve found to get to left side panels is to click on the back button on the tablet. Usually when you click on an item and highlight it. Then with a 2nd click the panel will automatically go to the pane you selected. Same thing for what you select on the individual panels. One click highlights, 2nd click will go to the panel you selected. Then the same procedures for channel selections; highlight channel, 2nd click goes to channel. Press and hold on channel selection and your settings panel for channels will appear. The back button dismisses it. In full screen mode. Swipe up on screen to expose your history bar. Press and hold the down arrow on bottom screen to expose your menu bar.

I have heard rumors that the developer is toying around with adding touch screen, but those rumors have been around for awhile now. Basically, just experiment and find out what works. Some functions I haven’t figured out how to make them work. Such as reordering channels, etc… I am trying to find an onscreen keyboard or mouse pad that I can experiment with. I am also searching out phone remotes to see if any will work. I read where someone said they linked their FS remote, but I have my doubts. So far no luck. Experiment! I am learning on the fly also! lol


I also got the tablet, I miraculously downloaded google play on it, from there I installed tivimate companion which then asks for payment for premium package, they were only offering yearly for I think $14.99 than I installed tivimate app, after companion. I was able to install kodi, cinema etc

Why not bite the bullet and get a lifetime premium sub. For me, as a Canadian it was just over $33, but I think the U S. Price was $25. It, like Real Debrid is worth every penny. Takes some time to learn but ppl like Powerfader have spent many hours learning the ins and outs of Tivimate and imho is a great source of knowledge. So if you can’t get something figured out after reading all the threads then there are ppl here who can, and will, help.


Watch this TP video.It will be well worth your while!


So I have a new issue with the tablet, and want to throw it out the window.
I did the whole tivi companion
Created a subscription
Down loaded the tivi app, only to get a black screen. I deleted it and reinstalled
Same thing, I rebooted the tablet , same thing
Any suggestions?

2 ways to approach this. #1 download tivimate from a 3rd party source. That’s what I did and it worked.
#2 download the "Send Anywhere"app on your tablet and your streaming device. Then you can send the app from your streaming device to your tablet. I do this all the time, and just did so this morning for a few apps i have on my Shield.


I will try
Pretty frustrated

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can’t remember, but I think I downloaded the v3.3.0 version then I updated the app. Right now I am using the v4.1.0 on all devices, including my tablet.

Btw, did you do the TP method of changing the Amazon tablet using the “Toolbox”?

Tivimate is not made for touch screens, but you might have some success linking your phone as a Bluetooth remote. Never tried it. I have Smarters on my tablet because I don’t really use it that much.


I too have smarters and tried to set up an account but wouldn’t take my payment. I finally gave up on trying to work tivimate with the tablet, too frustrating, once I did get the app to open, I put in all my account info and still can’t get info for the channels


As mentioned above tivimate isn’t really ment for touch screen.

Expect errors.