Record on external drive using tivimate

I like tivimate but want record using an external USB drive but don’t know how to set the USB as the recording destination.
Can anyone advise, thanks in advance.

Its all in there. Lots of info and higly talked about.

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I forgot to mention I am not using firestick, I am using mecool km2.

The easiest way is add a usb drive and set it as internal(but you can do external if you want)>>>>if set to internal it will be formatted to fit androids structure>>>you will see within file manager a folder called movies and you can use that or whatever folder you want. Go into tivimate>>>settings>>>other>>>recording. Its here where you direct tivimate back to your folder of choice.


Sorry, but the setup should be roughly the same.

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Thanks for the advice.

I can’t find the reference recently,

But isn’t the max size for a program recorded using Tivimate onto a USB stick 4GB?

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never heard that but not saying it isnt so. You could be referencing the file size allowed by format such as ntfs vs fat. Fat is restrictive and nor recomended…??

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That makes sense, regarding the format.
My current main daily driver is the ONN with a expanded adoptable storage. That thumb drive was formatted FAT before configuring.

Does that thumb drive retain being FAT?

never used expanded storage on an onn box, ive always just used it as a backup tv viewer. Not sure how it would format a stick but you can with a pc format it to ntfs and then use it as external

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Can you do this with an external drive, connected to a router, i.e., the cheap@$$’ way of NAS?