Question about buffering on IPTV service

Sometimes I get really bad buffering on my IPTV service on a tube Shield that’s closest to my modem. I can go to a different TV in my bedroom and go to the exact same site and will work a lot better than the firestick. Odd. I tried switching them but the shield buffered on both more than the fire stick. I figured easy fix, replace the HDMI cable. Nope. Still more buffering than I can handle a lot of the time. The firestick works better for some reason. Could it be the Shield? Had it 3 to 4 years or so. Have a 128GB memory card In it.
Any of this make sense or anyone else have this problem?


I have the same issue but with the Nvidia Shield. I’m not sure if It’s my IPTV service or what?
I’m looking around to switch services but they are hard to find. Not naming any at all, I know that’s against the rules. I’m mainly commenting about the speed dropping with the VPN turned on, I have 2 VPN services for a little bit longer, was having probs with one, and got the other cheap. Both are great VPNs though. It’s the same with my 2 firestick 4k’s, reg firestick, and shield with the speed issue with VPN.


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Same as above, vpns always lower speed. Go through the guides change your server locations to lowest ms closet to you and protocol.


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I edited this post as It was more of a Topic question rather than pertaining to this post. I posted It in the IPTV section.


When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.

I would try these links. Iptv could just be on there end. Do speed tests with vpn on and off test things.

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Kept everything in one topic related.

i switched from a 2.4g router to a quality tp-link 5g…100us from walmart…no more buffering? go fiqure
also make sure your device can use 5g…6g is coming and some routers support that already,only seen a couple of boxes and new firestick support it tho
i’m good as i get no buffering now on apks and iptv,so happy i upgraded


I’m confused - I though IPTV discussions were banned?

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I thought I read that saying any names you would be banned. I’ll take it down if needed. They’re a necessary evil for some of us.


Mentioning or linking service providers is not allowed, the topic creator never mentioned who they with or linked anything.

As long as those rules are met its fine, but keep in mind some thing we can’t do and should speak to the service provider


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