Projectivy Launcher for Firestick/Android


Interested on how this compares to wolf launcher which I use. Better?


Ive been using this launcher since it came out and I like it because its simple, works and looks good with a great ui. Not as customizable as wolf launcher but if you think about it whats your plans for the day look at the launcher or watch tv :joy:… dont get me wrong I love wolf launcher on every box ive set up except my shield. It had wolf but I kinda like this new launcher so ive left it to see what new features come out :+1:

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It has a little bit different look to it than Wolf, and different types of features than Wolf. I do like the fact that you don’t need Launcher Manager to get ProjectIvy to launch with your system if you use Android. You can’t change the size or look of the icons like in Wolf, and there is no place for widgets, and some other differences, but it is a nice look. Pretty streamlined, easy to use.

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I currently use Wolf but am interested in trying Projectivy Launcher. N00b question if I may, I uninstalled the stock launcher (have it backed up, don’t worry), if I try PL, will that cause issues for me?

Not. as good as Wolf, but easier to set up.

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I tried both, but they both were not on my device congruently. Although, I doubt there would be any interference. All I did when I originally set up my Wolf was to save all my custom icons and my custom wallpaper to add back in if I decided to do so. That way it was fairly simple to re-establish what I had on my Wolf.

Just make sure you disable your custom (Wolf) before you exit to go back to your stock.

The Projectivy is ok, but not as good as the Wolf, imho. Projectivy is very easy to set up.

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I still have Wolf on my main TV (Shield Pro), because I do think it offers more customizations. I switched to ProjectIvy on my upstairs TVs (KM6s) because I like not having to use Launcher Manager, and it feels more streamline to me. That is nice on satellite TVs that I use a lot less apps.

Yeah, I like them, but I ended up uninstalling them and don’t use any custom launcher anymore. I don’t really hangout on my home page very much. I boot up the nVidia and click on Tivimate and start streaming. About the only time I go to my home page is to switch from Tivimate to Syncler+ or something like that.

The reason I reinstalled Wolf was to change the residual background that stayed when I uninstalled Wolf several months ago. You know, that page you go to when you double click your home button. Well, it still had my Hulk background and I wanted to change it to a nice calm country pic. So, I downloaded a background that I liked into to Wolf. Then uninstalled again and now I have a nice pic of the Tennessee hills as my background. lol I guess I could have changed it back to a black screen, but I do go to that page a lot and I like the look.

I loves me a good, customized home screen. I don’t care if I am on there for 3 seconds, I love it to not be stock. I cant help it, i’m addicted lol. :grimacing:


I hear ya. My main issue is push ads on the screen. I dont want them or need them to clutter up a nice launcher. Wolf is my fav for customization and I still have projectivy on my Shield. ITs simple, no ads and just smooth and the rotating random backgrounds are neat.


I looked at Projectivy, not closely, but wondered is there a way to make more than 1 row for your main apps if you have a lot of them? I don’t like having to scroll all the way across and then all the way back. Wolf lets you set how many apps or icons per row. Well, it lets you choose how many columns which essentially does the same thing.

Yeppers. I have at the top my favs, then below it tv apps, then video(movie sites/apps) then tools and below that is settings etc.

edit…proj has a built in tv app and mobile app already set up but you can mix and match.


Cool. This is all available on the free version?

yes to my knowledge free and paid are currently the same.

Good to know. Thanks!


Isn’t Projectivity just another Amazon attempt to hold captive it’s Fire OS devotees. Many of them discovered Launch on Boot. Fire OS is designed to sell Ads, sell music, sell movies and books, sell sell sell and always thru Amazon. Projectivity is an improvement over Fire OS, but it’s not Wolf…IMO
Yes, many on this site love Amazon. I’m just not one of them…LOL

Not sure where that info came from but projectivity has nothing to do with amazon or google to my knowledge its from an independent developer. I have zero ads of any kind. Its actually quite beautiful and nothing intrusive about it.


matter of fact you can use your own walpaper if you want. The only thing I cant change is the app plates but they already look good. Here my own inserted wallpaper here>>>

I believe you can only resize the app icons. Can’t remember if you could do anything else with them?

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