ONE CLICK Force Close ALL Background Apps

That’s what I think, but I am not sure. I didn’t delete my Google account, but at one time I did have my Nvidia account on this Shield. I would like to remove it and if I didn’t like the outcome be able to re-add my Google account, but am unsure of being able to and don’t know what the consequences of removing the Google would be.

Tbh, I don’t remember my Google account avatar being on my Nvidia home page until a few months ago. I thought maybe it was there due to me buying new TVs and they had some sort of settings that mandated it, or there was some sort of a Google update…dunno

Copy all that…just noticed it on my ONN box too…both G certified…I think I’ll delete the G account on the ONN box sometime & see what happens. When/if I do…I’ll give ya a head’s up. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I use Background app, also, but you still need to close each app individually. TDUK’s app will do it with just one click on the remote. I sometimes will have 6-8 apps running and even more when a Play Store update occurs making for the Backgrounds Apps & Process list procedure a bit time consuming. Besides, all the Background App does is take you to your apps page in settings and you manually close and clear cache for each one at a time.

Although, I do agree his Killer App must have a way to exclude apps you do not want closed. Otherwise, it will not be useful for most folks.

I use Nvidias and even though I can go into my settings and clear all cache with one click. I find myself using his Cache Cleaner app more and more because it is very convenient and efficient. Infact, because of the convenience I clear cache several times a day just to help minimalize any streaming issues that may disrupt my streaming experience.

For people who use a FS or any device that doesn’t have the ability to clear cache with one click. Then this app is worth the $2.49 and convenience. Even the free version where you have to get a pin would still be a benefit for those folks who do not have a more convenient way to clear cache.

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Clearing cache in one click is useful, I concur. The new one that closes apps and won’t exclude ones you need open right now is a no go for me and I am sure many others. With no malice, I have been watching him go from free apps to paid ones. His right of course but I would only pay from something that was exactly what I wanted with no caveats and I actually needed it. He and his programmers have done some good work to be sure. It’s all appreciated.

I can easily close the few open apps myself and will continue to do so.


Would be super cool if the combination of the cache cleaner/force stop app could function like the Auto-Maintenance add-on in Kodi. So when you restart your box, it would auto-clean cache and force stop apps (of course with the option to whitelist VPN, safety dot, etc).


Having come from a programming background albeit years ago, he needs to get it to a level where he can have his app clear background processes first, thus allowing our needed apps like VPN’s / Dots etc start on boot as they do as well as adding a bypass function (well exclude function) like our VPN’s do.


I agree wholeheartedly. I would imagine that most people only have a handful of apps running in the background. An example would be that a person boots up their device and enables their VPN & Dot. Then proceed to open their Tivimate and watch whatever program they wish. In this scenario having this “App Killer” is of no real importance because once you force close an app it shouldn’t run in the background until you have actually reopened that app.

For me and a lot of other people on here who try to help others. I found I am constantly opening several apps to research or find solutions for issues other have posted about. In this case have found I can easily have a dozen or more apps running in the background and having one click force close for all would save me some time. Even in his video he states he has 89 apps running. That is because he is most likely doing research on them. Most folks are not doing this. I just now checked in Background Apps and Process Lists and I have at least 12 apps running. Granted 6 of them I have whitelisted because I want them to always be active, i.e. SS, Dot, Mouse Toggle, Set Orientation, FTK, Button Mapper. Even after force closing all the apps that appeared in the Background app I checked all my non-system installed apps and found 3 apps that the Background app didn’t even show as running. Now, after closing down and rebooting. I first checked the Background app and it showed no apps running except for the 6 I have whitelisted. Then I checked in All App settings and only the 6 apps I whitelisted were running. Theoretically, the only apps that will run in the background will be the ones whitelisted and whatever ones I open. So, that means if only opening Tivimate I should have 7 apps running and 6 of which will always be running. Then I do not need any App killer or cache cleaner because I would only need to clear cache for 7 apps and only force close 1.

The only other time for the average user to use this would be after they did a Play Store update where there would a bunch of apps being updated.

I delete my Google account on my Tivo4k and just add it again if I want something off of Google play or want to check for updates.

I think he had 89 apps to make a point and demonstrate. 89 apps on a firestick? Grinding halt if they even fit.

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I agree, but I think he may have demoed it on a Nvidia…not sure?

When you deleted Google Play what happened? Did the Play Store disappear? Was thereb any adverse side affects?

No, the Play Store App remains. When you click on it, it asks you to sign in again to access the store and updates. I’ve had no adverse effects.

Rereading your question, I didn’t delete Google Play, I just deleted my account.

I had my Nvidia account on mt Shield Pro device, but I deleted that and put Google on. I didn’t know what was going on. This having have an account thing seems new, because I do not ever remember seeing my Google avatar on my home page before.

I thought that his last vid said app closer would be out soon ,but not ready quite yet. Did i miss updated vid.?

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No, he hasn’t released the app yet. He is waiting for Google to authorize it.

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I’m doing something wrong obviously, I can’t get past all those ads, I’m so confused…
I got to the PIN code and I would get a white screen with a red OK in the right hand bottom corner just clicked and all those ads come back up again.
I hate to keep throwing this up about my age but I’m 77 and a lot of this stuff just upsets me that I can’t seem to do what you guys say is simple.
I guess I’ll just stick with the old method (pun not intended) SD MAID , as well as manually clear the cache.
I thank you guys for letting me vent!

I agree! Needing to go get a pin is a PITA. However, If you buy the app $2.49 (lifetime) then you don’t have to get a pin. It makes for the experience to be a lot more pleasing with less hassle.

Btw, I just reread your post. The TDUK App Killer is not out yet. The info here is for his one click cache cleaner app. Hopefully, his App Killer app will get approved by the Google gods and it will become available on the Play Store soon. :crossed_fingers:

Btw, I am 70 …jus sayin lol

Sorry to but in but on my mecool Km2 and onn and t95 devices you can disable playstore and then enable it if you need to download something.
Disable does not cause me any problems i noticed.
I have a new buzztv classic and I noticed that you can’t disable playstore with it.
Anyone know why? Is it because of the android ver or something?

(I guess i disabled it cause i thought i was just being cautious lol)

I found out a while back that if I disable playstore on my phone my battery does not almost run down over night. With it running i had 15% battery by disabling it i had 95% the next morning. Just a side note about my phone.
It’s a LG Q70


Didn’t even think about that on my phone. I always disable the PS on my devices. Thanks for the heads up. Just now disabled it on my phone,

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