ONE CLICK Force Close ALL Background Apps

TDUK has an app he had developed to force close all apps running in the background with a single click on your remote. This doesn’t clear cache (he has another app that can do that) but it will close all apps running in the background except for your systems apps. Imho, this is fantastic, but he needs to add a way to exclude certain apps that you do not wish to close.

Anyway, here’s the vid.

This is the Cache Cleaner App video.
(6) :red_circle:FREE FIRESTICK / ANDROID TV CACHE CLEANER IS HERE (1 Click !) - YouTube


Way cool. My only question is, can I choose not to close a background app like my vpn?


Not yet, but that was brought up and he said he was looking into adding that option in a future update.

This app along with the ability to clear all cache in a Nvidia with one click makes for this combo use to be very efficient and an easy process.

TDUK does have an app for single click cache cleaner but he screwed it up by requiring a NEW pin for each time you use the app. Imho, that was the deal breaker for me since the Nvidias can do it already and it was MUCH faster. Although, I did test his cache cleaner and it work pretty good, but still the Nvidia actually cleared 2Mb more than his cleaner did, but that is not a biggie to me. The requiring of a pin is just plain sTuPId!

TDUK APP Cache Cleaner - Apps on Google Play

I wrote to TDUK and asked about the pin thing. Here is his response: " TechDoctorUK

2 months ago

My app is available now on the google play store without any pin code. I made the app for the Amazon devices with the price being 1.99. Many people asked for a free version (ad-supported) and thats how this PIN thing came about. If you purchase the app, you wont see any pin code prompt and will quickly be able to clear all app caches with 1 click. Another viewer just tried this on his Android TV (Sony) and saw his cache go down from 560mb to 21mb!

I have checked Google Play Store and the app is now costing $2.49. If this is just a ONE-TIME purchase then I may do it? If it is any type of recurring, then I will not be buying it.


Edit: Apparently, this is a one-time payment of $2.49 plus the scamming Google fee/tax which brought the total to $2.72. So, I went ahead and bought the app. It worked well, but still the process to clear all cache on a Nvidia is super simple and it clears a couple more Mb in the process. Most likely the extra Mb’s it clears are probably the TDUK app.

What I am looking for is a quicker way to clear all cache and close all background apps. This combo of TDUK apps may fit the bill. Also, this would eliminate 2 apps that I now use, Background Apps and Process Lists, and the Fast Task Killer apps.


This is really cool but like @Miki stated, it needs something to be able to exclude certain apps. For me, vpn, vpn monitor dot, weather widget, memory and storage widget, ip location widget and a few others. I put a request on his YouTube comments yesterday to add this feature. If he does, I’ll definitely get it.


I’ve got a morning routine where I close most apps, run a cleaner, run task killer, dump all caches, reboot & start up vpn safety dots & vpn…usually takes one normal commercial break whilst watching the morning news. Not sure this would help me a lot, but would definitely try it if he added a bypass app feature like y’all are talking about.


Wow. I turn on the stereo, turn on the tv, activate my box, make sure the vpn on and safety dot is going, and that’s it. Now that I have Tivimate, everything just works. I only reboot when things get wonky. Am I missing something? Should I be doing something similar to you pangeatech? What apps do you close and how? What “cleaner” do you use? I have task killer but I thought it ran in the background once you set it up?

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It absolutely needs to exclude certain apps starting with a VPN. Mouse toggle etc perhaps as well. I saw his video yesterday and sort of laughed when he had 80+ apps open, umm, ok. Takes me seconds to kill apps with the regular background killer most of us use. I would not pay for such an app just to close the last few apps I used.


sdmaid pro does this and has a whitelist for items you want left alone


In My Humble Opinion…Modems (if running properly with no major errors in the event log & Rx/Tx/SNR #s in parameters) should be hard rebooted 1-2 times/per month…Routers…daily in the wee hrs of the am if you can set an auto-reboot, otherwise…several times per week. Computers…daily reboot…Streaming Devices…daily reboot (they & routers are also computers). Cleared memory (RAM) will do wonders for any & all devices that use it. I use Defsquid to Force Stop any & all apps that it shows…with the exception of Fast Task Killer (I run it every morning) & any Safety Dot apps I use…otherwise, I force stop all apps…then run the cleaner in Defsquid…clear all caches using my device storage…reboot device…then I open up Safety Dots/VPN & click on Tivimate…occasionally running Analiti & VirusTotal. Been keeping any device that has memory, storage & a cpu/gpu clean on a steady basis since I started working with computerized devices in the cable biz. I kinda do the same thing with my truck, mower etc…you know…Tim the Toolman Taylor kinda stuff :nerd_face: :cowboy_hat_face:


The programmable outlet gizmo, that will reboot the modem/router combo nightly, is a great idea. Haven’t gotten around to getting one or two yet. Looks like I need to be more proactive rather than reactive with the other stuff. .

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If you know how to get into your router…sign in & go to System/Reboot or something similar…depending on make, model & age…you may have an auto-reboot option. Mine is set for 3am daily so I never have to worry about a clean memory unless something gets wonky on me. IMO…proactive is waaaaaay better than reactive…within reason of course…I don’t wear a tin foil hat…anymore :face_with_peeking_eye: :rofl: :eyes:

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I force close all apps and clear all cache every time I shutdown. I reboot my device once a day. I totally unplug (automated) weekly. I do not have ANY auto updates enabled. I run Virus Total, DefSquid, and SD Maid regularly. I will run both Dr. Web and ESET virus protection as needed when I download ANY app from 3rd party sites and stores. ( will only stay with one of these. Testing both). Try not to do any of those web streaming sites, because of well know issues regarding them (ADS!)

If ANY app shows up as Malicious (RED). Then I will delete that app immediately.

You never know what is embedded in a download from ANY 3rd party app or site. I try to stick to downloading only from reputable stores and sites.


Make sure you get one with a stored memory. They cost less than $10 bucks a piece.

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It’s obviously good practice to run scans for malware, but I’ll be honest and say I’ve never done it on my boxes, and I’m guessing a lot of streamers don’t. I do run it religiously on my PC and laptops however. It seems strange but you hardly ever hear of malware on these devices. This would be talked about here ad nauseum if people were getting infected.

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Good points…I run Malwarebytes maybe once a month…but I’ve never had any malware that I know of. Been using it for decades on the puter so I figure I’ll run it every now & then on the boxes. :thinking: :face_with_monocle: :eyes:

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I run Malwarebytes once a week on my Max and phones. I also run it after every new addon or app gets installed.

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I am currently testing these two apps on my Nvidia using their respective free trials. The ESET has a 4.3 rating with 100K+ downloads and seems to have a good rep in the business world, but the Dr Web seems like it displays more info and has a 4.6 rating with 10M+ downloads.

I would like to see a TP review of these, or at least someone who has more insight about these apps and their protections.

ESET Smart TV Security - Apps on Google Play

Dr.Web Security Space - Apps on Google Play

I am leaning towards keeping the Dr Web


Use the free version of Malwarebytes on the puters and didn’t know it was available in the Play Store. Wouldn’t hurt to try it out.


I’ll check it out. I already use DefSquid, Virus Toral, and SD Maid to check for viruses.

Mine runs on startup on phone and Nvidia shield. Better safe than sorry I always say. Good luck on your surgery coming up. :v::sunglasses::pray: