Nvidia shield USB Storage

Ive had a 128GB Sandisk ultra USB on my shield forever, back when IPTV Extreme would work as a DVR…I since have went to something else but left the USB in as extra internal storage.Years later …all of a sudden it says USB device ready to be unplugged…and all of the apps that have any files there dont work…Kodi and Cinema Hd icons have even disappeared…First thought was USB ports quit working, but not so, the wireless keyboard dongle works fine. I pulled the USB drive out and figured I would reformat it, but says its read only and I cant do it. Any suggestions? Bad USB drive? Factory reset the shield without USB installed (last resort)? Oh, not sure if relevant, but happened a few days after the newest update
Thanks in advance

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Sup pk…

Heres a prev topic on it… mayb it’ll help

Thanks Sketch! will check it out


Did the suggested fix and didnt do anything…Still not recognizing my USB

Topic had already closed so I couldnt reply to that thread

Not sure if this pertains to you but nvidea had a big upgrade that messed up alot of others boxes.

Thanks TXRon…I think that might be the problem

Heres an open fix thread…
(dont kno if u saw it)
Mayb chime in there


Thanks again Sketch!

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