Nvidia Shield Fix

So you didn’t turn off the auto upgrade toggle in the settings? That’s a shame.

If you’re one of the lucky ones that haven’t updated yet, this is the first thing I would do.
Settings > Device Preferences > About > System Upgrade > turn off auto upgrade

The second thing you should do is:
Settings > Apps > see all apps > show system apps > System Upgrade > Force Stop and turn off notifications

If you already updated to Android 11 there are two things you can do.

  1. Install the HotFix update. This will fix some of the issues, but not all. HotFix Image

  2. Take your chances trying to rollback the update by flashing your device to a previous version. I’d only recommend this for more advanced users. And I will not be helping with troubleshooting if you do something wrong. Shield Rollback

You should know that these kinds of issues have occurred with other updates in the past. It doesn’t mean they won’t work on fixing all the known issues. So maybe just give it some time. I don’t think Nvidia would intentionally cripple a lot of the apps that made the device a popular alternative to the Amazon Firesticks. They just did a terrible job of rolling out this update. I have read that apps such as X-Plore should be uninstalled and reinstalled after the update and then you can go into the app permissions to change the settings. Then you should be able to access everything as you did before.



I agree with you, I believe it was a rush to get this out for the features, but ended up breaking some things in the process. I believe patch fixes will be coming as the fourms are loaded with issues.

For the advanced users you can root a nvidia but don’t try it if you are new to this stuff.

Thanks for posting this!


I have lost several apps. They just totally disappeared from my device. Many apps are malfunctioning, and nVidia seems to have installed apps that were never there.

What’s weird is on my nVidia Tube the issues are not necessarily the same.

This is the first time that nVidia has let us down. When they started promoting Netflix that was a red flag. Now it seems they are promoting Amazon and other big corps’ interest. If this is a sign of things to come. Then I don’t think it is a good sign!

This mess of a rollout has caused a lot of grief for a lot of people!

I’m not as forgiving as you are. It’s not like nVidia is just some kid on GitHub running m3u’s out. nVidia is a major tech corp that SHOULD have taken precautions, alerted major app developers, and at the very least offer a rollback to their customers.


But it’s not the first time. 3-4 years ago an update broke a lot of things with streaming apps such as Kodi and Plex. It will be fixed.



These major updates probably broke on how these apps work, same when Amazon updates the code gets screwed.

I’d give it time first before we can judge. Time for app devs to fix some apps for andriod tv and time for nvida to fix things.

I don’t own a sheild, i was going to get one but I’m waiting to see what 2022 brings


Machines run on programs. Programs are made by people. People are prone to mistakes. No company is perfect. Let’s just hope they get fixes out quickly. Just like we saw with a recent Kodi update that made it pretty much unusable on Xbox. This was just rushed.

I’ll continue to say it, whether it’s the Shield or Firesticks or whatever, always disable automatic updates. This could have very easily happened on Firesticks and then everyone would be going back and looking at my post about disabling updates. Except, I fear, Amazon would intentionally break stuff.


I’m certain it will, but will this get back my videos, pictures, and docs I had stored in x-plore?

Yes, I can and am redoing my lost apps at this moment, and fortunately most of my pics I stored in x-plore I have copies in another application. The point is, some people may have lost things that can’t be replaced so easily.

nVidia did not take into consideration the negatives of their actions! …and that is really a shame on them!

Yes, they have a great device, and for that I will wait, but as has been stated on here by others. I am not so attached to any device as to not consider alternatives! nVidia needs to take pause and keep that in mind!


Were your documents on an external drive that now isn’t showing up? Or is it stored internally? If it’s external just pop it in a computer and check. If it’s internal then do a hard reboot of the device, uninstall and reinstall the X-Plore app. Go in the settings and change the permissions. Then see if your files show up. And maybe another hard reboot for good measure.

You should backup your files elsewhere though…


I do have updates disabled. I went against my motto to wait and see, and trusted nVidia’s developers to roll out quality. If this was an Amazon update. Then most assuredly I would have waited, because everyone knows Amazon does not have their customers best interest to heart. Amazon is about themselves and $$$$. I thought nVidia was better than that. The Netflix button on their remote was the first signal.

But I will wait for nVidia’s multitude of fixes and patches, because really, have no other options …other than dumping the device and start from scratch. I have hours and hours of work I have put into this device and don’t appreciate having that work deleted with a click of a button!

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I am going to do that now. And yes! I do have any important stuff stored on another device. There are just some things stored on this device that I haven’t backed up to somewhere else. These are not as important as they are more of memories.

Anyway, I will spending a good portion of my day trying to restore apps, trying some work arounds, doing some research on fixes, and generally trying to get my device back to where it was about 48 hours ago!

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Oh, and btw, one of my apps that mysteriously disappeared from my nVidia is X-Pore! Now how do I get my files back. Also, downloading from Downloader seems to be malfunctioning. Gonna try Firefox now.

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X-Plore is just a file browser. Deleting the app doesn’t delete your data. You can find that app right in the Play store. Just download it again.

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Will do. Now Firefox fails in downloads, too

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There’s another browser in the RAI that is similar to Puffin and I think its supposed to be better than Firefox, but I haven’t tried it out yet.

Did I forget to mention. SendAnywhere app is not working.

Also, cannot access directory in Downloader files.



I get that you are angry but try to get your stuff back and wait on new updates.

Also nvidia is hugly funded and about money, what company isn’t? But regardless of the issue let’s see what hot fixes come out as this is a huge rollouy with alot of unhappy people they could be fixing stuff.

Lots of people reporting the update broke stuff. 2 things here, app devs may need to update to Android 11 on the nvida and nvidia needs to make some changes I’m willing to bet there will be updates. As it broke plex server.

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Just got the 1st hotfix image and am installing it as I type this. I’ll find out soon. My only concern is there is no going back after this install…



Unless they blocked the ability to do a rollback you should be able to install a older version. Might be a pain to do abd wouldn’t recommend it unless you are sure you can do it. Just like rooting.

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There is no going back. On the nvidia site it states that if you use this “image” then you cannot roll back your system.

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Yeah i know. That’s why I said there is no going back now. I’m calming down a bit now. I have got all my apps back. Deleted or hid all the ones they added. Got backups and recording working again in Tivimate. Just can’t access my old folders where I stored stuff, but I am hoping they will get a fix for that.

I did save X-plore to a flash drive just in case.