Nvidia Shield and Buffering

Greetings! Ok, I’ve just bought a new Shield, I’m using Surfshark VPN, TiviMate, and with VPN I’m getting 180ish mbps download speed via ethernet connection. And using an IPTV service that I’ve been happy with for awhile now. Not many issues with it when using the Firestick 4K Max.
But now with this new Nvidia Shield I’m getting some bad buffering. Any ideas or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

This post is already 12 days old. Is this still happening? Did you try without the VPN to see if that was part of the issue? Maybe try changing protocols and see if it helps.

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It was a personal msg made public. He pmed me or troy so we made it open to the public as its one of those common things we get pmed to us daily.

Please use our search @PapawJeff

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.

Try changing your buffer size and clear all your cache data in Tivimate

Do you have an external usb drive for storage?

Try changing the protocol on your VPN.

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Sorry for mentioning IPTV. No, I haven’t tried changing protocols yet. I will try that. I really don’t want to do my IPTV without having my VPN turned on.
Thanks to all for your time and responses!