New Fire TV Debloater Toolbox Now In TROYPOINT App

The following tutorial will show you How to Install and use Debloat Toolbox on Firestick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Television.

This tool has been around for a long time but recently the developer updated it so one application will work for both Fire OS 6 and 7. Prior to this update, there were separate apps for each operating system.

Unfortunately, Amazon Fire TV devices come with applications that we can’t uninstall. Or, we receive a new Amazon update that includes a new application that we don’t want!

Debloat Toolbox to the rescue!

Debloat Toolbox will allow you to disable Amazon Bloatware and speed up your Firestick device for maximum performance.

Setup video included.


Very next day, amazon sends out a update that blocks the debloater… :face_exhaling:

I feel like all this effort to debloat the sticks we should be at a root option. You can bypass efuse, takes time.

I wonder how much it costs for a android tv license? Troy team should make their own android box :wink:


A Troypoint Team Android box is an excellent idea! I would buy one as soon as it was available!


Works very well on my 4K Max Nice to have a bunch of Amazon bloatware like the shopping crap gone from the installed apps list, even if just for a short time.


So I decided to install this on my older 4K (2018) firestick which I first factory reset. This is Fire OS and there are already many many differences from the Max. 16 in all. On this one I can’t turn off Prime, Sync or client metrics modules to name a few. Now I’ll have to check the Max and look to see if a new update already addresses some of the blocking.

Funny you should say this @Dminor9. We definitely have kicked around this idea but there is one big hurdle keeping me from doing it and that is customer support. I don’t necessarily want to be in the technical support game as I know how things like that go due to my background. Most of you are well-versed when it comes to this stuff but the average Joe has a heck of a time understanding this stuff and would drain a lot of man-hours dealing with that.


My 4K Max is still at also should I install this new one and uninstall the older one or ???

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I did. No issues on my Max at all. Please read through all the stuff as you may want to keep silk browser and alexa, as I did and simply mass allowing all options may break stuff you rely on.

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Why not make limited supply with a very small user base with dedicated troy members to wein out the bugs, keeps your tech support low and bug fixing high.

I volunteer! You can get android box motherboards including amlogic and others, you can also haveba custom os.

Whispers* shh dooo it…

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I posted this question months ago.
Here is my feature wish list.

Are there any debloater tools for earlier versions?

Not specifically tools but there are instructions. But as @TP-Dracoo has pointed out, be careful doing this, it may disable features you actually use. Takes learning and reading.

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Thanks. Seeing as i don’t really have a problem with it, I think i’ll just keep it the same.

That is a smart move imho.

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Was gonna download bloat tool, but if Amazon already came out with an update why bother. Although I would like to stop some of the buffering though.

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The integrated toolbox works great on my 4K Max with FireTV OS

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Do you not have Real Debrid?

sign me up for the Troy-Sticks!!! :+1:I’ll pre-order 5 if it’s allowed… :smiley:

Hey guys, hows everyone doing? I dont comment much… honestly this is my 1st comment on here lol… but i just wanted to say that I’ve learned A LOTTT from all the commenters here over the last month or 2. Ever since i found TroyPoint, i havent gone anywhere else for anything because, well, you guys are the best. With that being said… a TroyPoint Android box would definitely be a must have in my book. Lately Ive been coming here on my downtime just to read up on different things so i would definitely support the cause!!