Lost past Troy point topics

I am not sure if this is the proper place to ask this question but I’ll try anyway…
I recently got a new phone and have lost all my past Troy point insider questions and comments.
I am looking for the commenter that posted the step by step CREW tutorial.
He took it step by step on getting the best out of the CREW.
Forgive me if I did not put this in the proper place.


Welcome to our community, I guess I should say again.

Sorry about the loss of info.

You will find all your info here on kodi: Mega guide

Look for best addons the crew is there


I checked in there but I didn’t see the one from the contributor that took the time to break down each category in the CREW and show us how to set it up in each one.
Is there any way that I can further check this out?

Hi @BassMeister
The guide you might referring to was by @Jayhawks659 here: GUIDE: Speed Up Kodi



This one

@Jayhawks659 Did it…good information.



That video is also in my mega kodi topic.

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