Lookmovie2 on Fire TV Stick

Hey TroyPoint community,
does anybody know how to use lookmovie2 on my fire tv?
Instructions i found on the web did not work at all.

Not sure what you’re trying to do. I used the Silk Browser on my 4k Max, went to the site, searched for a movie and played it. No problem. Actually a good site and played HD perfectly.

Hi Miki
I was able to get it to play, now i cant change the subtitles in the subtitles box. It will open but cant go up or down in the list. Were you able to do that?

Take a look here for the best recommend aps with real debrid setup.

That list is way better for all you can get and subtitles.


Hey TP,
Thanks for the info, ill have to go back and use Kodi or one of the steaming apps i have installed.

It played perfectly. I’m embarrassed to say, but this actually had an HD movie that I haven’t been able to get in Stremio. Almost 3 hr movie as well. Did not buffer even once. Thanks for the find. Bookmarked. I don’t use subs but the movie I watched had subs on all the non English parts hardwired in.

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Website is good, the app is clunky and hard to navigate. However, using either method I was unable to go full screen on my device. The audio and video were great. Just can’t go full screen.

Used TVBro for the website and used apkcombo for the apk.

Also, the website via my laptop worked great and could go full screen. Although, I found another huge issue. It seems I cannot cast using my SS VPN. If I turn off the VPN then it will cast fine. Also, I even tried first casting and then re-engage my vpn, but it would kick me out and go back to my home page on my device. Now, I tried using my vpn from my laptop and then cast and it worked fine.

So, my question is, casting from my laptop to my tv and using the vpn on the casting laptop am I protected? It would seem the stream is coming from my vpn engaged laptop and sending it to my unprotected Nvidia.

Hope that makes sense?

Gotta run …have a dentist appointment!

I used both Chrome and Silk. I didn’t try any app. Using both browsers there are controls at the bottom of the pic, the opposing 45° arrows is for full screen or I place my cursor anywhere in the pic and double tap enter quickly and it goes full screen. An odd collection of movies I’d not seen before, so a nice chance to find something new. As PF mentioned, good HD pic and good sound. A nice backup imho.

I did all that and no joy, but i could do so on my laptop

This was on my Max. What device were you on, that you couldn’t do full screen?

FYI…I just opened this site up in my JioPages browser & had no problem opening full screen. Looks like a good browser VOD site…on my devices & puter now :+1:

IMO…yes…streaming source is vpn protected…there is no signal from wherever your casting to that’s leaving your LAN…only computer/laptop, which is stream source & protected.

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Nvidia pro with the apk and the web Stream. I used TVbro for the web Stream.

Not a big deal. This app most certainly does not beat out Syncler+

I used to have JioPages but had too many issues with it. So I uninstalled that several weeks ago. When it worked, it worked great, but when it didn’t it didn’t!

It’s just a browser and there are a ton of them out there.

I forgot I have Silk installed. I could try that one.

It certainly doesn’t. It’s good enough as a backup, but that’s all.

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To me silk is the current best browser for any streaming, however I see amazon screwing that up as soon as they find time to “fix it”

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Silk has been working forever on the sticks. Cloud based and optimized for FireTV. I think it will be around as long as FireTV is.

Yeah, I forgot I still had Silk downloaded. I may try a few things on it to test it out.

Look how real estate it takes up! 166 MB Storage and that cache builds up

TVBro is my go-to browser

I’ve had cache over 220, but a simple cache clean and it’s back to 0. Works like a dream where all the others wouldn’t, and look it goes full screen. Yowsa.

Thats where sdmaid comes in handy, wipes all that out every 3 days automatically