Local Now App is worth a look

I found this app “Local Now” to be pretty good! You can install this on a variety of devices; Sticks, Roku, Apple, and Android, and you can stream it on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

I entered my zip code and the app searched for the closest feed. In my case, it found feeds from exactly where I live in SWFL.

The “Channels” section has a lot of variety, from local news from around the country, music, and with a variety of shows to watch. The audio/visual is very good. The streams were very snappy for me. The “Movies” section has about 50 different categories to select from. The “Shows” section has about 10 categories. Although, with no search option, you must scroll through the categories

The only things that’s a head scratcher is they didn’t include a Search Box for the Android app, but they have one for laptop streaming. IDK if other apps include the search option. Seems like it should be a no brainer to include a search button! So, instead, you have to scroll through the programs to find what you want. Also, the EPG is limited to what is playing now, and what is next.

Bottom line, I believe this app is worthy of a spot on my device.

Welcome to Local Now – Local Now


Does local now have the local major networks?

Not that I have seen if you mean local ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox. Just those in local news around the country. There is Newsmax, OAN, The First, Yahoo News and stuff like that.

I find the Local Now + USTV 247 = a fairly all around complete FREE streaming experience.

You get your locals and a lot of TV Shows and Movies from Local Now and you get national news, national programming, sports, premium channels, and more from USTV 247.

So for someone on a tight budget these 2 apps could work on your streaming device, computer, tablet, and phone, all for FREE!

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