Kodi & Addons Loading links/Not Playing

I’m using the original Kodi 21. Estuary skin. Everything was working well until my Onn 4k Pro updated. Elementum, afFenity, OneMoar, Crew were all streaming with no issues until my Onn 4k Pro updated. Everything loaded, the sources shown, but would not stream. My Weather service MultiWeather also stopped working.
I removed Elementum and everything started streaming again. My Weather service however hasn’t. My older Onn 4k device however is still running the multi-weather service in Kodi.

Glad to hear your streaming again. That weather service does that to me. I uninstall it, load it again. Log out of Kodi, then log back in again. Some skins the weather service seems to mess up.

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My RD links are now listed as “Uncached Torrents”. As a result I can not watch them…But I also use “AllDebrid”, as a back up. “Alldebrid” is giving me “Cached Torrents” and I can play them.

Any addon I have used, under your URL Resolver where you authorize your service, should be a choice to get cached torrents. I use Real-Debrid, so I don’t know about All-Debrid. My current addons are The Crew, Dradis, and Coalition.

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