Iptv buffering problem

having many channels only buffering late\y.other iptv are fine
any ideas???

Speak with your provider.

When encountering buffering please take a look here, lots of info.

We cant discuss providers here btw.


thanks waiting to hear about reset or whatever. my other iptv working fine
appreciate the buffering tips as they are #1 problem if ignored


didn’t know ,bout providers will follow rules

We cant discuss providers no, but if you have technical issues we can try. Unfortunately if your internet is fine and your setup is good then it’s mostliky your provider. Do all your speed tests and if they are above 40 then its probably them.

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do ISP have the ability to scramble or cause buffering? if so can I simply change my router and not use their router?

The causes of buffering are extensive and takes some effort to resolve. I suggest using :mag: at the top of any page and read as much as you can. It isn’t likely that any ISP will “scramble” your service but they may throttle it for various reasons and this is also why you should be using a VPN.

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I have and teir respoinse is it works fine here. And other customers will back them up. I checked the speed 70 + , I cleared cache, reboot the modem and reboot the firestick. .They say to go through the countires on VPN . Your not serious I cant check every country. I looose my patirce. Are ther any vpn settings I should check ? I know nothing about VPN or streaming

What VPN service are you using?
Your VPN will have help pages or reply back and someone using same VPN will help you.

Post explaining what VPN does,

Hi Mike . I use Surfshark but I feel that their help documentation is over my head . All I do is change country , buffer . Change country? Buffer more

I am not real proficient with streaming but the provider expects everyone to be

Thank you I’m so frustrated at this point that any help is appointment


Mark W. Dymersky

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Adding to Miki’s post - see this post by Troy which discusses settings to get fastest connection - watching video in post you will see his fastest connection is not the one surfshark thinks and how to set it

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