How to Install Projectivy Launcher V4.51 on Firestick/Android TV

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This step-by-step guide will show you How to Install the Projectivy Launcher on Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV/Google TV Box to upgrade your interface. Projectivy is a custom launcher created by Spocky12 that will change the default user interface on your device to remove ads and much more. It has recently been updated to…

So will my Firestick 4K always launch to Projectivy Launcher or do I have to enable it every time?

I use this launcher on my Android TV box. Within Projectivity launcher you can set it to override the default launcher and make it the default. You can also download Launcher Manager and do it from there.

I had tested and successfully used the method in the above link on a new Max. This was to see if I could get a more direct replacement of the home menu without using Launch on Boot. LoB works and is a fine way to autostart ProjectIvy, but the delay bothers me. I have not been as in tune with Firestick updates since I successfully did this, if it does still work (maybe the accessibility piece has been blocked by Amazon now?), is it a valid method that can be endorsed? The Max I installed it on still works flawlessly.

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Troy’s vid worked for me .

I didn’t mean to imply Troy’s video didn’t work, it works perfectly. I just had tried a different method using TDUK’s accessibility manager and it worked great on a newer Max. Just wondered if that way was still valid.

Troy’s way is working great for me so far. Thank you Troy. You Da Man!!! I installed it yesterday so Amazon hasn’t blocked it yet.

Thanks, Troy for the update added to your toolbox. It works fine on my Firestick 4kmax except the mandatory Amazon Ad page comes up first when using the Firestick remote to bootup. Launch on Boot doesn’t override the stock launcher. Any workaround yet for this persistent Amazon FireOS gotch’ya.

About all you can do is move the app to the firestick UI home page and click on it.The launch on boot no longer works for me. Maybe because I like to turn the power off so it probably resets. The Uk Techdoctor method also no longer works. Gotta love Bezos ,there’s just not enough money in the entire world to satisfy him.

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I have projectivy launcher on my Firecube and I have to enable it every time I turn the television on.

Same here with the new firestick.The launch on boot doesn’t work for me anymore

I have just installed the free version of projectivity launcher.

In settings>edit channels, it shows " watch next". Below that it shows " syncler and smartube next" but not stremio.

I have enabled " watch next" on syncler, but nothing shows on my screen. Can anyone advise how this is achieved.

Finally, is there a way of adding Stremio to the " watch next" category?

Or, are these settings only available in the premium version?

Any help would be appreciated.

Its hit and miss with which apps will work with watch now on projectivy. I find its more than likely to grab certified apps but not always. I believe it grabs smartubenext which was surprising. It will grab more “stuff” if the box is rooted. The biggest thing is permissions and projectivy needs them all to function to its fullest.

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Thks TXRon. I notice that on the “up next”, the Syncler apps have a circle with a line through it. So looks like its not available to activate.

I have all permissions enabled, but i dont havr my box rooted.

I noticed in Sept 2023 that you had them showing, and i wondered how you achieved that.

I did ask at the time, but it is possible you didn’t see my post.
I am just trying to find out a way to get them to show up.

I’m not sure if i even pay for premium, that it will work.

If not, its ok.

look under>>> edit channels>>>confirm “watch next” is enabled>>>below you should see a list of apps and below each app you will see either the number of channels or the “watch next” label. If it has the number of channels you can click it and enable the channels you want shown, id you see watch next listed under the app make sure its enabled if you want to see it. If its not listed you cant.

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Watch Next has a circle with a diagonal line through it.
Syncler has 3 channels.
Collection movies
Collrction tv series both
have an elliptical icon with a diagonal line through them.

Below that Watch Next, i have enabled but still has a circle with diagonal line with a small elliptical icon with a cirrcle bottom right.

Dont think i am allowed to send images on this open forum

on watch next if you click it do you have it set as visible? and toward the bottom there is an app catagory

Yes. It is visible.
Grid enabled
Cards per row 6
Sliding row enabled
Show title enabled
Size M
Sort custom
Ser as default when clicked brings up on screen " done"
But still those circle icons i mentioned previously

App version 4.54 from Github

And at the bottom " manage apps" i have syncler enabled.

not real sure. try turning off the grid. and use sliding row

Nope. Tried that and no change.

A friend of mine with the AM 8 and free version also has the same issues.

Not to worry. I appreciate your time and guidance.

Are you using the free or premium version?