New Launcher Manager Question

Okay, here is what I (think I) figured out. I couldn’t get Launcher Manager to work on this brand new Max for the life of me. I factory reset, tried every option new and old in LM, it just seems like this is an Amazon block to me, after a little while of being able to install. I’m guessing that if ADB was linked through Launcher Manager right when Troy’s video came out, maybe it can stay and work properly. I might be wrong, and hope I am, so please, someone tell me I’m nuts and Amazon hasn’t blocked LM from working on the brand new OS8 sticks.

Next, I believe I have figured out a very acceptable way to get a launcher to stick on this Max. It works with ProjectIvy launcher, and utilizes TDUK’s (via Sweenwolf) Accesibility Manager, from the link Miki posted above.

Note- I have yet to try this on older models, but I will. I’m curious how it will work on them.

Steps: (on FireOS)

-Enable Developer Mode (About, Firestick Model, Click 7 times)…go through jailbreak process (Install Unknown Sources, etc)

-Install ProjectIvy Launcher

-Install Accessibility Manager

-Open Accessibility Manager. Scroll up, flip toggle on. Scroll down, flip on toggle for ProjectIvy Launcher. Save and exit.

-Open ProjectIvy Launcher. Click ProjectIvy Launcher Settings. General. Check Override current Launcher. Click Back Button. Select Power menu. Select PI Launcher on the drop down to Autostart on Boot.

That worked for me. The home button is now ProjectIvy, the restart launches PI. If this process has already been reported, I apologize. I came across it with trial and error. Hope it helps!