How to Install OnStream on Firestick & Android TV

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This in-depth report of OnStreamAPK will provide you with important information that you need to know about this app on Firestick/Fire TV & Android TV Box. Is OnStream APK safe to use? Is OnStream APK legal? How do I install OnStream APK? We will answer those questions and more in this article. The reason why we…

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I tried to use Onstream today and a window popped up that said Onstream couldn’t load. Said they were sorry and to check their website because the problem might be on their end. I went to the website but saw nothing about a problem they might be having. Anyone else having this problem today? Any suggestions on how to fix would be appreciated.

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Happens sometimes probably a server problem ime sure it will be back soon

Yes I just went into it as well and the same thing. Its the only APK I use because you do not need to pay for real debrid and its not complicated.

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OnStream still seems to be down today.

I’ve given up on Onstream due to relentless buffering (using Surfshark).

I never went to Surfshark. I am still suing IPVanish and it always worked well with Onstream.

I started having trouble with onstream couple months ago. Then I went back to stremio and the feeds were giving me problems from stremio until I added RD, cured the problem. Without Rd I would have trouble trying to fast forward or reverse a show. With Rd it’s not a problem it’s very stable. This is utilizing a shield Pro.

Anyone getting “cannot load content” error with OnStream?

Are they done for?

Yes I’ve been getting the same response when trying to log on!

its all up and working now :+1:

its all working now


Nice, thanks pirate

Nah it’s still not working for me. In the meanwhile I always switch between onstream and movieocra website if one is not workin…it’s as good as any app…the best I have found till date…

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My daughter brought an older 2nd gen firestick over for me to update (factory reset and reinstall everything). Having replaced BeeTV and FilmPlus with FlixVision and OnStream, I proceeded to install these apps on it for her. Kept getting an error with OnStream v1.0.4 (the latest version that is up and running on all my other firesticks - 4k, 4k Max). No go at all. After Googling, I see that others on Reddit are having the same issue with second gen firesticks. For some reason, OnStream is not compatible with them.

Hadn’t see any mention of this on Troypoint so I thought I post in case anyone else is having thoughts of using OnStream with older firesticks.

i did the same for a friends stick no way will onstream work on older sticks

onstream is down at the moment :grimacing: