How to Install Mouse Toggle on Android TV

The following guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions to Install Mouse Toggle app for Android TV devices.

Oftentimes, 3rd party applications and other websites will not function properly on various Android TV boxes.

With the mouse toggle app installed, you can access and use all features and applications on your preferred device.


Tried this and it works like advertised, thanks.

Please post the new version 1.11.
Thanks for all you do.

4K Max Firestick Owner/Users,

Is there a mouse toggle I can use? I need it for Google Chrome. I can’t get the ones on TP toolbox to work. I get error code P2.

I read that during my search. I was hoping that a workaround had been developed. I’m hating all these Amazon restrictions. I’m still trying to get accustom to the 4K Max ONN device. But, I still perfer the firestick functionality and navigation over the ONN device.

There are workarounds like getting a blue tooth mouse and adding it to the firestick. Here is an vid of the process. You can also add a bluetooth keyboard or if you have a mini keyboard with a dongle you can add the usb cablew to the firestick. But give this a watch.

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Thanks Miki,

I’m going to buy a cheap wireless mouse tomorrow. Maybe I’ll find one at this store called Five Below. Yep, they had a couple for around $6. Will pick one up for sure.

What a great ideal.


I purchased the wireless mouse today. I connected to the ONN device with ease. The firestick would require an OTG or usb hub to plug in the wireless remote usb and my external drive to enable them both. So, I won’t use mouse on the firestick.

Mouse toggle didn’t work on the ONN device either.

Thanks for always being willing to help aid in my tech education.

You should be able to hook the bluetooth keyboard to the firestick. The only time you need the otg hub or cable is if it has a 2.4Ghz dongle. Didn’t the vid show The BT KB hookup?

As Miki said, is your new mouse a Bluetooth mouse?

And as you said, Miki ROCKS! :+1:

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The one I brought had a 2.4Ghz dongle. I don’t think so, but I will watch again. Looked like he just showed how to pair mouse by adding bluetooth device on firestick.

Bluetooth mouse or Bluetooth keyboard, it’s the same thing. If you don’t have a bluetooth KB but a dongle wireless keyboard, then yes you’ll need an otg cable or hub to use it on the firestick.

See there, you have taught me well. Lol, I was able to describle my situation correctly.

My 4k firestick is saying I don’t have any storage, but all my sideloaded apps are on my external storage. Firestick no longer automatically save added apps to the external. I now use X-plore file manager to move the over.

Amazon is really pushing me to move on to other streaming devices. The limitations and blocking of features are aggravating me to no end.

At 2:10 minutes Squiggy says bluetooth mouse. If you have a mouse with dongle then it is most likely a 2.4g UVIR mouse. Bluetooth communicates with your device differently.

I found this on Amazon that might work better. But not having one in my hand I wouldn’t be able to guarantee success.


Even though apps are moved or installed to an external drive on the firestick there is still data of each app stored on the internal stick storage. But ya I haven’t used my firesticks in almost a year now.

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I will purchase one with my next Amazon purchase. Lol, I’m always buying and returning items from Amazon. Amazon Prime days coming soon 16-17 July.

Thanks @ Miki

The one that I listed above specs for the Apple stuff. I’m not certain that it would play nice with Android stuff. But the ad specifies that it is Bluetooth which is the main point. I just don’t want you to hate me if this particular mouse doesn’t work.

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No problem, I buy things to tryout all the time. I have no problem returning if not compatible with android

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Awhile back I bought a remote that TXRon recommended, that has a mouse setting. I can move the pointer all over the place as well as make selections. My issue is I’ve not been able to figure out how to turn the darn mouse pointer off. I’ve tried and tried but found the only way to turn it off was using the back button…which is kinda counter-productive. Otherwise the remote works well with the ONN box.