How to Install FlixVision on Firestick & Android TV

I have it on my Shield Pro. You just need to learn how to turn off Play Protect and Automatic scanning.

When watching flix vision with foreign language trying to use opensubtitle I can’t configure opensubtitles. I think it has to do with flix vision wants to use as I opposed to .com. Since I can’t get the subtitles to work I just move to Film Plus where opensubtitles works fine as does any Kodi addons. Any suggestions.

UPDATE: my issue with flix vision and opensubtitles in on my android phone uf that matters. I haven’t installed flix vision on my firestick…yet.

I downloaded Flixvision Perfect! also the MX player. How do you integrate that player with flixvision? . Thanks

Its an option in “Settings”.

Just installed flixvision, integrated real debrid and trakt and almost all links especially real debrid play in a foreign language. Need help. Thks

flixvision working fine check the settings in the app for correct language

Thks. I have tried every but I’m probably still doing something wrong. Please help more if you can. Thks

only other thing is you must click on highlighted streams for language you want thats about all i can think of at the moment

I think what I might do is uninstall and start over. If that doesn’t work I’ll just look for something better for me. Thks

Stremio does play very good with real debrid, Just in case you’re looking for something different.

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Where do I get Malwarebytes?

Would like to see links sorted by resolution and then by size.

You can use basically any modern APK editor and change the target sdk from 29 to 33 and sign it with the test key provided by the app and Google won’t flag it as unsafe. The app will still function the same. I do it but I remove a lot more unnecessary things within the app and it still functions perfectly.

Or you can go the easy route and simply turn play protect off. Less effort imho. But whatever works to get the job done is good. As they say, more than 1 way to skin a cat. I haven’t had play protect or play store scanning turned on for years. Have fun and stream on.

I agree but some people say Google still disables it. I haven’t personally encountered it myself but I’ve heard it from more than one person regarding several different apps.

Sounds odd to me as how can Google turn off a 3rd party app that has been sideloaded and never scanned by Google play protect or app scanning as they are disabled so never reported to google?

I have to disagree with that if you’re using an Android device you can be sure that Google is aware of every single app you have on your device regardless of your settings. They basically have root access by default, they designed it that way so if you think you’re ever hiding anything from them I’m sorry to say you’re not. They overlook many things aside from what could be monetarily detrimental to them. One thing about Flixvision is it obviously is attempting to use some of Google’s code for whatever reason. Looking into the apps content you can find many things you’d expect to find within Google Play Services. I’m not sure of the reason behind it but it’s likely that if you’re security is weak that it’s trying to gain some of the same privileges as Google which is dangerous.

I won’t argue with you but without app scanning or playprotect they haven’t a clue what 3rd party apps I have on my device. But believe what you like. This is just a waste of time and I’ve got other things to do and ppl to help.
To the OP, disable play protect and app scanning and enjoy. I’m out.