How to Install Cinema HD APK on Firestick

I got the same thing.
Wasn’t in version 2 at all so why the need for it now ?
This would be a worry for me.

Downloaded the original amd its loaded with adds even with surfshark, also it keep the other version, dont like allbthebadds so have deleted it again amd using flixvision this is far superior and much better than Cinema HD, flixvision wins hands down for me

Going to the troypoint toolbox and downloaded apktime. Developer options turned on (onn streaming box). When I launch apktime, loads to main screen, no apps, and displays “error” at the bottom. No way to move forward to install cinema.

Apk time seems to be down at the moment. Website won’t load either.

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I’m so bummed out yes today is April 19 can’t load Cinema APK what can I do HELP

Did you figure out why it’s down the cinema APK ???

Don’t know why, probably maintenance. If you’re looking for Cinema, you can get it here :point_down:

Can I assume those links are safe?

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3.0 tells me to update to S Stream, which is like cinema, but even after install, it keeps asking to install S Stream, and Cinema wont run. I d.l.ed it and went back to 2.6

Saw there was an update to cinema hd. Is there a way to just update my current version so as to not lose my favorites data? When on the APKTime app version 3.03 does not have an official tag by it and it says to remove old cinema app first.

Looked at the official (?) cinema website and saw the following disclaimer:
Update(v3.0.9) – As a lot of users complaining that this latest Cinema HD v3.0.9 is throwing a lot of bugs like – timed out, showing blank titles, and movies not loading. As it got to our notice also, we are trying our best to give you a better bug-free version in a couple of days. In the meantime, Please use earlier versions like v2.6.0 and v2.4.0(Original) – These are working fine at the moment.
Plus ca change!

Rea-debrid will not connect. Why?

U have to delete old first n I think this version is the best working better then Kodi 20.5 !!! N I’m a big Kodi fan . Thanks to this v3 I’m able to watch movie n TV show cant get with Kodi!!!

Delete old APK if you want to appreciate you can back up your data if you had to do that but you got to delete the old one you got to get the new one very important you’ll be able to do more than anybody can just just saying

Go to APK got to know what that means that’s where you get download the official site that’s the one you want this you don’t have to get modded ones no more if you’re using the one troy recommend you’ll have no problem that’s why he recommends this stuff

See my question, 5 posts up. “Official site” says don’t use it!

Got a new firestick 4K max, loaded it up with CinemaHD 3.0.9 and MX player as I have done on 3 other firesticks and when I exit a stream, the screen goes grey and I have to force close both MX player and CinemaHD. I tried VLC player with CinemaHD and it did the same thing. The built in CinemaHD player seems to work without issue, but that player has had buffering issues in the past. Any thoughts on why this may be happening on the new 4k max?

I reloaded cinema from troy point toolbox…there are 3 version for 4/2024 …you may have to download one check in search for your tv see if streams appear then open if no delete and try other version.

The gray screen is all I’ve ever got for Cinema HD for years. Great when it works, but I got tired of it and deleted it. Nobody seems to know why. So I gave up on it.