How to Install Cinema HD APK on Firestick

Originally published at: How to Install Cinema HD V3 on Firestick (April 2024 Update)

This guide will show you how to install Cinema HD on a Firestick or Android TV/Google TV device. A new version of Cinema APK was released September, 2023 which is Cinema HD V2.6.0. Here is the change log for V2.6.0. Bug fixes: Crash when click on UserTorrent links Add SStream, a fast and reliable hls…


i just purchased surf shark for the exact resoning to take aways the ads on cinemahd and it didnt? any suggestions?

i was having issues with my Cinema app as i was no longer finding streams. So I followed the instructions on the site and cannot get cinema to download. it said that I needed to delete the previous version, which I did and then tried again. I click the download button and the download stays at 0% and does not advance. What am I missing?

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Ive made sure the old version of Cinema is uninstalled and in the APK Time app, I type Cinema. I get the same verbage as shown on instructions. When I click on the download button I get “Problem parsing package” every time.

Try without your vpn on.

I tried that, same result

After trying everything…I finally went to the Cinema HD website and used the Downloader code they provided…it was the only thing that worked for me.

Works fine but can not use subtitles which will not download even going to settings on cinema
…sometimes you need subtitles with these Brit,Scot and Aussie flicks r

Had same problem. Then cleared data and cleared cache before uninstalling cinema hd: install then went as expected.
Hope works for you.

Is there a way to update to the new Cinema HD without losing all your favorite? Last time I updated I lost everything.

if its working for you i would leave it as is

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I updated and I have 2 Cinema apps. It doesn’t update your older version, it remains the same as it was. So you can actually have 2 on same device :thinking:


I wouldn’t waste your time with the 3.0.3 update. Still worthless - no streams, wrong titles loading after search, etc. May work with RD but why bother?

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Says no ads but there is. Its annoying

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Did you download the right one? I’m not seeing ads.

Tried all the downloads on my Nvidia Shield Pro. Same problem real-debrid. would not connect and only official download would install.

Loaded yesterday and worked for me. A downside was one of our first adds was for a trans group. It was more explicit than i wanted to see. How do i explain to my grandkids?

Unfortunately, you can’t explain. This nation is falling apart and common sense IS NOT prevailing.

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Works great with real-debrid. Plenty of hi quality streams.


What about the search function, does that return the correct program?