How to Install Cinema HD APK on Firestick

Has for me so far

If you use surfshark you get no adds

Agree if you have other options like Syncler or Stremio then no need however with real debrid it is faster than previous version and no adds if using surfshark

real-debrid is a curated server, so I find as much as 99% accuracy in title vs actual movie. YMMV. I don’t recall getting any ads when not using VPN.


I tried updating on the Firestick 4K and the Onn box.
Thru applications. And neither would offer it.
Both said your Cinema 2. something is already up to date.
It’s like the Iphone update. You don’t do it.
Until you absolutely have to. Let every one find out that
it doesn’t install. Or installs half ass.
I sure wouldn’t delete the perfectly good version. And try to
install it from scratch if I didn’t have to.
Just Saying. And been saying on this message board for years.

Loaded the latest cinema 3 successfully but when starting to stream it wants access to all files on my device. Yes or no?

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The app needs this permission to function. :+1:

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I grabbed CHD off the APKTIME app and there’s ads galore. I really don’t use a VPN service like that so I’ll stick with the 2.7 instead. The 3.0 only has ads with the RD enabled. I’m good on this one.

loaded cinema 3.0 using MX PLAYER AND PREMIUMIZE get many feeds downloaded but before i get a chance to pic one it goes back to home screen .any suggestions

Get a account (free) set up. Log in to Track in the Cinema setting, and it will gather all your history. When you install or reinstall any app (on any device), then in the app log back into your tracktv, if will then load back in all your favorites, history etc.


I do have RD. Not sure why I’m not seeing ads, I use MX Player and there is a new ad blocker inside ExpressVPN that I have on but not exactly sure why.

I don’t expect anyone to remember, but recall mentioning I wouldn’t be wasting any more time on Cinema… Believe it’s probably true that SurfShark reduces or eliminates the ads.
Unfortunately, the service I use requires that all my devices use the same IP address. If any of the devices are found to use a different address, the service is interrupted.

As far as I know, there’s no way to sync all my devices to the same address within SurfShark; so, I’ve learned to live without Cinema.

When my service doesn’t offer what I’m looking for, I already know one of the Kodi add-ons will provide what I’m looking for.

I have RD with Cinema HD but many times I get the wrong movie playing . This app has bugs in it . RD is one of them .

Is the 32 bit onn box recommended for the newer 4k max firestick and is hard wire to router available to increase speed on said firestick?

I have loaded Real-debrid on more apps and on more devices than I can remember. Since 2.4 - 3.0 Real-Debrid has never connected on any version of Cinema. Also on Apktime only the Official version would install.

I use the new Cinema update along with RD, Trakt, and SurfShark. No ads once SS CleanWeb was enabled. And Trakt reloaded all my favorites and history after installation.
The only real problem I had, and I’m not sure where the blame lies. I had loaded up an RD stream (I believe from TorrentGalaxy) for the kids’ movie “Leo”, a very “G” rated film. However, the link that loaded was a VERY “XXX” film! Thank goodness the kids weren’t there yet!!! Never had this happen before. Have I just been lucky?

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Re: Search Function - Playing around last Month I think I found the issue to the search problem (and I think they have corrected this bug but I haven’t tested yet);
To search the wide universe effectively you a) need to be in a TV show or Movie category that IS NOT “Favorites”, Favorite searchs only return favorited shows / movies - typically what you are not searching for, AND b) The emblem in the top right corner of the screen on the bar MUST be IMDB, (NOT TRAKT) so that you can search the IMDB database. Note: One of the bug fixes in 3.0.3 is suppossed to be enabling Trakt for searching (I believe.)

Use MX player as an external player and download subtitles thorough mxplayer once you have the video running. Tory has a step by step post on this somewhere.

You have been lucky - happens once in a while

I just downloaded the latest version of Cinema and when i try to play movie i keep getting Error 503 (having pronlems with premium server). Why am i gettimg this??? Can anyone help me ? Please