How many apps do you use on a regular basis?

I miss Rube Goldberg.

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(4) Is this cake server the most extraordinary but useless machine ever? - YouTube

Look for the Rube Goldberg Honda commercial. Less messy for sure.

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This is the 3rd time today I have gotten this message. When I click the “I’m not a robot” button I get a recapthca. Why is this happening?

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I noticed that as well PF. The last week or so I’ve had to do a captcha at least twice a day.

Weird…this just started today for me. I do have my vpn activated and the ip address is showing what their message shows as my ip address, which at present is Ashburn, VA.

I don’t remember that commercial, but it is great!

But you gotta pay for debrid

Remember this game? It was like a Goldberg thing for kids.

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Real Debrid is almost required for the movie and TV apps mentioned. I don’t use Real Debrid. I use Stremio and seem to watch everything without RD. There are many posts concerning Stremio if you search. Many who post here use Stremio without RD and many others swear by it. It’s all I use except for a few subscriptions and many verified apps like Tubi, Pluto, etc.

I use IPVanish and Cinema

Try getting it on UTube.

Got it. He was quite the thing back in the day.

I use 4 to 6 programs on firestick 4K, but I have extra 256gb.

I use Syncler, VPN, Apollo tv, Netflix, and my workout app on the regular.

I’ve been getting lazy over the past year or so. Right now I use Kodi exclusively for streaming. Either Skeleton or Homelander. I have others like Syncler, but don’t use it, and Stremio, don’t use it. as backups. I am getting excellent everything with my Kodi builds I really look no where else. Forgot about my VPN

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Iptv app,youtube,mx player.
My iptv provider has a lot of movies and series available so i dont need cinemahd etc.They also provide omni request system which i request a movie or tv series.

My XIAOMI ‘S’ kept telling me I was running out of storage and wouldn’t let me upgrade KODI, however, after a little research, added the MeKool 6 Deluxe with the fast AMLOGIC chip and 4/64 and the problem disappeared . . xcellent unit.